McMillan Creek Regional Park

Prince George

Park Amenities:

McMillan Creek Regional Park in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada is a network of three short trails leading to a grassy knoll lookout over looking the community of Prince George, BC, Canada and the mighty Nechako River. The earthy trail is an easy grade route. But be prepared to experience some elevation gain while meandering through a forest of Douglas Fir trees to the lookout.

From the parking lot walk a short distance to where the trail bumps into the road. Follow the road 150 metres to the connecting trailhead and continue to the lookout. It is a short one kilometre trail along a well marked route.

There is also a longer 2.5 kilometre trail that explores various different landscapes that also leads to the viewpoint. From the viewpoint there are trails leading deeper into the forest along the river bank of the Nechako.

When hiking the nature trail use caution and be aware of loose rocks, fallen trees, exposed boulders, tree roots and stumps. The trail is well marked with directional signs and notice boards. The route is designated for hiking only.

The lookout at the end of the trail is a big grassy knoll on the edge of the cutbanks of the Nechako River. At the viewpoint is one picnic table providing a seat and a lunch area so to enjoy the scenery. Along the fencing there is some interpretive signs detailing some of the geographical history of the area.

The creek in McMillan Park flows at the bottom of a deep ravine. The main channel of the river is 15 kilometres long and drains a watershed of 57 kilometres. The park plays a big part in preserving the McMillan Creek Watershed and in protecting the wildlife that visit the region regularly.

The McMillan waterway is the largest stream in the community and is home to Rainbow Trout. But it is better known for the spawning beds which play a vital role in the fish stocks of Chinook Salmon. The wetlands of McMillan Creek also attracts other wildlife to the area including moose, bears and birds.

McMillan Creek and the trail viewpoint provide an opportunity for birdwatchers to view birds like Bald Eagles, Three-toed Woodpeckers, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Warbling Vireos, Goldencrowned Kinglets, Ospreys and more.

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McMillan Creek Regional Park
Hoferkamp Road
Prince George

How To Get ToMcMillan Creek Regional Park

Travel north of Prince George BC along Hwy 97 (John Hart Highway) to Hoferkamp Road.The parking lot is 0.4 km from the highway on the right. There is an outhouse in the parking lot.
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