Forests for the World

Prince George

Park Size: 106 hectare
Trail Length: 15 (8.5 mi.) kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs
Wheelchair Access

Forests for the World in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada is a 106 hectare demonstration forest with 15 (8.5 mi.) kilometres of hiking trails. The park, established in 1986, enables adventurers to learn about the various forest eco systems and the flora and fauna that thrive in the Fraser - Nechako Plateau region.

Over the years thousands of spruce, pine and Douglas fir trees have been planted throughout the park. And... some areas have been left in their natural state for regeneration. Both methods of reforestation provides an opportunity to the view the difference between a natural and a managed forest.

The extensive trail system is suitable for all ages and abilities. Some sections of the trail system are wheelchair and baby stroller friendly while other hiking trails involve some elevation gain with tree roots and boulders. The main trail to Shane Lake is best suited for all groups and abilities as it is very well maintained. At Shane Lake there are many amenities to ensure a good time. There are picnic tables, a picnic shelter, a BBQ pit, fire pits, pit toilets and a viewing platform.

The trails vary in length and elevation gain with all of them being loop trails. Some of the trails are interpretive routes with informative signs located along the trail while others are not. These signs provide information about the wildlife, plants, shrubs and tress of a healthy forest.

The trails in the Forests for the World Park include the Western Loop Interpretive Trail, the Southern Loop Interpretive Trail, Reflection Lake Loop Trail, the Eastern Boundary Loop Trail and the Shane Lake Loop Trail. Also connecting to the Forests for the World Park is the Cranbrook Greenway Trail - another trail in the area connecting Otway to UNBC to Blue Spruce.

Shane Lake and Reflection Lake connect to the trail system in the park. Shane Lake is a popular gathering spot and wildlife viewing destination. There is a viewing platform and a short floating boardwalk path on Shane Lake so to get a good look of the landscape and wildlife. Beaver live on the lake.. and Moose and migratory birds visit the lake on a regular basis.

The park includes two viewing lookouts. The Upper Lookout at the top of Cranbrook Hill provides a good view of the Prince George community, the surrounding valley and the many blocks of farmland. The lower viewpoint is located on the Shane Lake Loop Trail. It provides views also just not as far reaching.

Forests for the World is a popular community park in the community. A park that attracts allot of people and attention. It is important to manage your garbage in this park so to leave the park in good condition for the next person to enjoy. To make this easier there are plenty of garbage cans located along the routes in the park.

Explore the Forests for the World in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada



Forests for the World
Kueng Road
Prince George

How To Get ToForests for the World

From the Cariboo Hwy (97) head east on 15th Avenue. Continue driving until 15th Avenue hits Foothills Blvd and University Way. Follow Foothills Blvd. Take a left on Cranbrook Hill Road. At Kueng Road take another left and continue driving to the parking lot at the end of the road.
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