Connaught Hill Park

Prince George

Park Amenities:

Connaught Hill Park in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada is a community park situated on the top of a hill in the centre of the community. The beautifully landscaped park provides 360 degree views of the community and of Fraser River.

Depending on your perch in the park you see various parts of the community. From the west you can see Parkwood Place (Shopping Mall). Looking east is Fraser River. When you are on the north end of the park you can see Downtown Prince George, Sand Hill and the Railway. From the south you can see residential homes and forest.

For many people the park is a great place to visit to relax, read, picnic and to enjoy views of the city. During lunch time many of the locals escape to the park to eat and enjoy the outdoors. The park is a local gathering place for many during the months of April to October. Other months the park is closed and visited by the weather only.

Weddings and special events is a specialty of the park. What makes the park so photogenic is the blue, red, yellow and orange colors bursting from the many flower beds decorating the grounds. The spaced trees and the vast well manicured lawns provide the room necessary for gatherings.

The various picnic tables and viewing benches scattered throughout the park are connected by a paved walkway. Some located in the shade for comfort. Some on the edge providing views. Some in the open by flower beds. All of them provide the means to sit down and stay awhile so to enjoy the floral park and community atmosphere.

The road at the entrance of the park leads up to a circle road. The loop road leads to various parking areas while viewing the park. There is plenty of parking space available with some near views while others near picnic tables. The park is equipped with pit toilets for the general public too.

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Connaught Hill Park
Connaught Hill Drive
Prince George

How To Get ToConnaught Hill Park

From Highway 16 east, just before the Yellow Head Bridge on the east side of Prince George, B.C. is the corner of Queensway Street and the Hwy. Turn onto Queensway Street and drive. Soon later, take a right onto Connaught Hill Drive and follow the signs to the park. Tricky entrance to find. If you run into 17 Avenue you have driven to far.
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