Mud Bay Park
Located in: Surrey



Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking

Mud Bay Park is a waterfront destination consisting of marsh like conditions and exposed tidal flats located in Boundary Bay south of the community of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Mud Bay Park runs parallel to Highway 99 and is easily accessible. The main trail in Mud Bay Park also runs parallel to the highway and is open year round to hiking, biking and dog walking.

The main trail in Mud Bay Park connects to the 12 kilometre long East Delta Dyke Trail and connects to Boundary Bay Regional Park near the community of Tsawwassen, BC. via a 20 kilometre biking route.

In the Mud Bay Park the main trail connects to a waterfront gravel trail forming a 3 kilometre loop route. The waterfront route is a sightseeing trail for birdwatching and it is a seasonal trail - meaning it is closed to dog walking and bikes during migration season.

Because of the proximity of the main trail to the highway the traffic noise is high at times. To reduce the noise pollution factor the waterfront trail is the preferred trail to explore when in this park.

The marsh like conditions in Mud Bay make it an ideal birdwatching destination. The conditions attract shore birds, marine birds and predator birds to the area. Some of the bird sightings in the park include various ducks, cormorants, herons, eagles and hawks.

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Mud Bay Park
Mud Bay Park Loop
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Located in: Surrey
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