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Burnaby, BC Travel, Tourism, Adventure

Largely, a commercial district, urban centre and a transportation hub . Burnaby, BC, Canada is the geographical center of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro Vancouver). It is central in many ways including location and for accessing commercial enterprises.


Explore Burnaby BC

Located north of the City of Burnaby, BC, Canada is the ocean and Burrard Inlet. Directly to the south of the community is the mighty Fraser River. Travel east from Burnaby and connect to the Coquitlams and travel west and connect to Downtown Vancouver.

The two most recognizable geographical features when visiting Burnaby are Burnaby Lake and Burnaby Mountain. The community, lake and mountain were named after Robert Burnaby. He was a private surveyor serving Colonel Richard Moody who was the first land commissioner of the region during the early 1900s.

Much of the land in Burnaby and the, nearby, Fraser River were once the fishing and hunting grounds of the First Nation people of British Columbia, Canada - especially the Musqueam and Tseil-Watuth First Nations. The First Nation people would live off the land for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

The City of Burnaby enjoys many services and amenities important to travelers and tourists. Some of the more important services include accommodations, attractions, restaurants, fine dining, gas stations, internet, shopping malls, retail, coffee houses, gift stores, banks, pubs, liquor stores, grocery stores and transportation (taxi, bus and Sky Train).

Metrotown is a commercial enterprise in the region most recognized for its shopping and entertainment venues. The complex is one of the largest commercial malls in Canada. Other cultural facilities for entertainment include live theatre, movie theatres, art galleries, gardens and museums.

There are many activity and adventure destinations in the region of Burnaby. Some of the more popular activities enjoyed outdoors in the Burnaby area include hiking, birdwatching, picnicking, kayaking, canoeing, sightseeing, sailing, shopping, golfing, rollerblading and mountain biking.

The City of Burnaby is home to some impressive parks, trails and green space areas. Some of the more visited recreational areas in the region include Burnaby Lake, Central Park, Burnaby Mountain, Taylor Park, Deer Lake Park, Barnet Marine Park, and Robert Burnaby Park.