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Coquitlam, BC Travel, Tourism, Adventure

Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada are urban communities comprised of residential neighborhoods, a commercial district and an industrial area. The Coquitlams, together with Port Moody, combine together to form the Tri- Cities area of Metro Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Regional District).

Coquitlam is the largest of the Tri -City communities. The region is separated into various neighbourhoods including Port Coquitlam, Southwest Coquitlam, Town Centre, Westwood Plateau and Northeast Coquitlam.

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The region of Coquitlam is situated at the confluence of the Coquitlam River and the Fraser River. The Metro Vancouver region follows the banks of the Pitt River before connecting with two lakes - the Coquitlam and Pitt Lakes. The north end of the region is hemmed-in, surrounded by Burke Mountain, Eagle Ridge and Coquitlam Mountain.

Much of Metro Vancouver was first home to the First Nation people of British Columbia, Canada. In the Coquitlam region it was the Coast Salish First Nation people who thrived off the land. Coquitlam pronounced in the native tongue of the Coast Salish people is "Kwikwetlem" which means "red fish up the river".

Coquitlam provide many services and amenities important to travelers including accommodations, gas stations, shopping malls, big box stores, retail stores, gift shops, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, art boutiques, produce markets, baked goods outlets, internet, liquor stores, coffee houses, pubs, transportation (taxi, bus, and Sky Train) and a nearby airport.

There are a good selection of facilities and venues in the Tri-Cities region or Vancouver, providing cultural and entertainment value. Some of the venues interesting to Vancouver travelers include an arts centre, live theatre, art galleries, music academy, dance theatres, educational facilities, movie theatres, gardens and the 1905, #9 Canadian Pacific Railway Station Museum.

This Vancouver travel guide lists adventure and activity companies for the region including hiking, golfing, swimming, cricket, climbing, sightseeing, shopping, birdwatching, picnicking, cycling and biking.

There are many community parks, green space areas and waterways in the Tri-Cities region of Vancouver. Coquitlam enjoys over 80+ parks covering over 890+ hectares (2200+ acres). Some of the more popular adventure destinations include Town Centre Park, Como Lake, Eagle Mountain Park, Mundy Park, Minnekhada Regional Park, Mackin Park, Blue Mountain Park and Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.

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