Island 22 Regional Park


Park Size: 45+ hectare
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Dog Walking
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Pet Friendly

Island 22 Regional Park is situated on the banks of the Fraser River and the Shefford Slough. The island park is a popular equestrian and boating destination located north of the community of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

The main features of the 45+ hectare park are the full service equestrian / horseback riding facilities, the large boat launch area, the day use picnic sites, the walking and biking trails and the large off leash dog park.

The equestrian area includes a jumping ring, water jumps, show horse ring, paddocks and corrals. A small daily fee is charged for usage of the facilities. Horses are also permitted to use the island trails. The site is a popular destination for holding equestrian events every year.

The second big feature of the park is the large boat launch area located on the banks of the Fraser River which can launch 12 boats at a time. The parking lot for the boat launch can hold up to 100+ trucks and boat trailers.

Many launch from the Island 22 Regional Park to access the Fraser and Harrison Rivers. The Fraser River is especially well known for fishing various fish species like sturgeon, salmon, trout and steelhead.

Near the boat launch is the site of a day use picnic area with sitting benches and picnic tables. If fishing and boating are not your thing, then take the time to enjoy the walking trails in the park which provide access to some views of the Fraser River and the Shefford Slough.

Near the area which looks like an old campsite area (no camping is permitted in the park) is the off leash dog area.

Explore Island 22 Regional Park in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, British Columbia


Island 22 Regional Park
Cartmell Road

How To Get ToIsland 22 Regional Park

The main entrance to Island 22 is located off of Cartmell Road.

From Chilliwack, BC travel north on Young Road. At Cartmell Road take a left and continue to the park entrance.
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