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Radium Hot Springs

Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada

Radium, BC is a popular hot spring and mountain destination located in the Columbia River Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The small tourism community is best known for its hot spring mineral pools.

The resort village is situated near the southern entrance of the Kootenay National Park with the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Purcell Mountains to the west. Heavenly!

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Radium Hot Springs, a haven for wildlife sightings is referred to as the "Bighorn Capital of BC". On a seasonal basis - almost like clock-work - a herd of bighorn sheep come down from the mountains during the late fall and early spring seasons and wander into the village.

Venture out of the village into the parks and backcountry regions and other wildlife sightings may include badger, wolf, rubber boa, caribou, black bear, grizzly bear, coyote, lynx, wolverine, elk, mule deer, cougar, moose, mountain goats and plains bison.

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