Dutch Creek Hoodoos
Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

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Dutch Creek Hoodoos

Park Size: 67 acres
Trail Length: 3km, 4.6m
Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Pet Friendly
Wildlife Watching
Open Year Round

The area covers a unique natural landscape with geological formations that tower 200 metres over Columbia Lake. The 67 acre property is managed by the Nature Conservancy of British Columbia. The Hoodoos property together with an adjacent conservation area, the 10,000 acre Nature Trust Hoffert Property, provides valuable habitat for several species at risk such as the American Badger, Lewis' Woodpecker and Hooker's Townsendia. Eagles and hawks can often be viewed here as they catch the updraft from a Southerly wind.

The hoodoos also feature prominently in the creation story of local First Nations. According to K'tunaxa legend the Hoodoos represent the rib cage of a huge sea monster known as Yawuʔnik̓. Keep this in mind while surveying the geological formations - it does fit! In fact, if you ever get a chance to attend a K'tunaxa gathering and listen to the creation story, it will certainly add to your appreciation of this area.

A short trail leads to the top of the hoodoos where hikers can enjoy a panoramic view over Columbia Lake and explore the various geological formations along the trail. Trail length is 3 km round trip, elevation gain is 95 metres.

Note: Exercise caution and stay well away from the edge, the ground may be undercut and unstable. And please stay on worn paths as the flora is very fragile here.

The hoodoos are also impressive when viewed from below. The best spot for this is from near the highway bridge over Dutch Creek, just South of the Hoodoos gas sation.

To extend your visit, combine this outing with a picnic at the Columbia Lake rest area. This rest area is just a short distance further South along Hwy 93/95. There you'll find ample parking, washroom facilities (no drinking water), and numerous picnic tables all with marvelous views towards Columbia Lake and the Rocky Mountains. And, driving back North you'll get a chance to view the Hoodoos from yet another angle as you are driving past.

How To Get To: Dutch Creek Hoodoos

Travel along Hwy 93/95, just North of the Hoodoos gas station (about 2km South of Fairmont Hot Springs) turn onto Westside Road, travel another 1.2km along Westside Road. You will see a parking area and an interpretive sign for the Hoodoos area on your left. From here a well-trodden trail leads you to the top.


Westside Road Fairmont Hot Springs, Canada

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