Beaumont Marine Park

Park Size: 58 hectare
Trail Length: 2.5 kilometre

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Marine Park
Wildlife Watching

Beaumont Park is located in Bedwell Harbour on the western coastline of South Pender Island. The North and South Pender Islands are part of the southern Gulf Islands Group located off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

The Beaumont Park is one of the more visited marine parks in the southern Gulf Islands. The 58 hectare marine park is a popular destination on South Pender Island for adventure and for relaxation. The park features a sandy beach, rocky shoreline, tidal pools, hiking trails, wildlife and a wilderness campground.

The Park is accessed by land and by sea therefore attracting allot of attention and activities to the park. Some of the activities drawn to the park include kayaking, sightseeing, hiking, picnicking, boating, sailing, swimming, fishing, birdwatching and beachcombing.

The marine park is accessed via a hiking trail or by ocean. By land the park is accessed by following a 2.5 kilometre hiking trail. The one-way trail is downhill and easy going. But coming back, it is all uphill and makes for a good work out.

Kayakers and boaters arrive via ocean marine routes. The yachts and sailboats moor just off the coastline of the park. There are some floating moorage buoys provided for safe anchorage.

There are wilderness camping opportunities in the park. The tenting campground is for wilderness camping only. There are picnic tables and pit toilets onsite. Kayakers park directly in front of the campsites beaching their kayaks on the sandy beach.

The marine park is home to wildlife and to an assortment of trees, particular to the region, like Garry Oak and Arbutus trees. Some of the wildlife sightings recorded when exploring in the park include whales, seals, sea lions, minks, otters and eagles.

The park connects to another adventure destination on Pender Island named Mount Norman. The mountain is the highest point on the island measuring 244 metres. Both Beaumont Park and Mount Norman are part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Beaumont Park, South Pender Island, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada


Beaumont Marine Park
Ainslie Point Road


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