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Ziplining Myra Canyon

Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Kelowna Okanagan Valley Attraction 

Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Ziplining Myra Canyon, for those who dream of zipping through the trees, jumping across treetops, is worthy of your attention? I did and I discovered my dream coming true at Myra Canyon Adventure Park. In Kelowna, British Columbia you can live those dreams in the trees!

Kids Park & Ziplining Myra Canyon 

Myra Canyon Adventure Park, is a children and family-friendly adventure park. Therefore, the adults cannot only play, but you can bring the kids to come and explore with you. Myra Canyon adventure park for kids is a family-friendly atmosphere located high up in the trees with a large net completely underneath. Consequently, there is no need for a harness for the family-friendly park, because there is a large net completely underneath. All that is required is just a helmet and hours of fun.

Time To Do The 7 

While I did go to the park, I did not try the family-friendly park; I went straight to the seven advance levels, which are appropriate for teens, adults, and anyone willing to try. If I was going to go ziplining Myra Canyon, I was going to do it all the way. 

Once you arrive at the entrance to the park, you will need to sign a waiver before you begin ziplining Myra Canyon. If you want to look first, you can, as the staff has waivers at both the entrance and at the harness hut at the start of the seven advanced levels.

 Ziplining Harness and Safety

Getting suited up for ziplining. Photo Credit: Samantha Sewell

All harnessed up

When I arrived at the harness hut, I was very impressed with both the safety lesson and how to put on the harness. The staff made it easy and clear to understand. The staff respect COVID-19 rules and social distancing, all while ensuring that I knew what to do and how to be safe on the equipment! When I arrived up to the start of courses one thru five, I was taught how to load my harness and safety gear to the tracks. I want to point out that this was very easy to understand and easy to do; anyone can do it!

 Ziplining Over the Canyon Edge

Flying Tourism. Photo Credit: Samantha Sewell

First zipline of the day

Ziplining Myra Canyon stands apart from different adventure parks as they have levels; you can choose where to start and where to finish. When I participated, there was a staff party ahead of me. Therefore I did not do it in order. However, you can choose to wait and follow one thru seven, which is meant to be the easiest to hardest.
While I was told that one would be the easiest and seven would be the hardest, I found, I believe, it was number three, the hardest. Starting on number three was the same as one; it was fine. However, I soon found myself dangling over the canyon. Okay, I wasn't really over the canyon, but it felt that way. And to make things scarier, I had to jump off the tree I was on and zip line across the edge of the canyon to the tree on the other side. This is part of ziplining Myra Canyon? Being this high up and on the canyon's edge is why I believe this was one of the most challenging aerial trails at the park. I had to mentally talk myself into it and take a few deep breaths before jumping off the tree. Even though I was wearing a harness, I still found my mind telling my legs NOT TO JUMP! Nevertheless, it was exhilarating and probably one of the highlights of the day!

The Trapeze in Myra Canyon

Trapeze is no easy feat. Photo Credit: Samantha Sewell.

The hardest obstacle

Once I got to course number seven, I received compliments about "how well I was doing". However, on course seven, they have some of the most complex obstacles in the park, starting with the trapezes. The trapeze is a long row of swings that you have to walk across. Sounds easy when you hear it and even looks easy when looking at it. Despite it looking easy, what you don't consider is that these swings go back and forth and side to side.

Adventure Park Hilarious Obstacles 

Weaving across a large spider web. Photo Credit: Samantha Sewell.

The spiderweb

Furthermore, the aerial park is filled with fun, silly and adventure-filled obstacles. You can fly across the harness hut on top of a toy car (in the air) or ride a saddle. You have to dodge balls while balancing on a rope, climb across a spider web, and walk across moving swing bridges, and so much more!

Ziplining Through Trees 

Getting my ziplining on over Myra Canyon. Photo Credit: Samantha Sewell.

End of the day zipline

Once you're done the aerial park, you are not done for the day! As an award, when done, the staff reward you with ziplining! The park currently has three connected zip lines. Zipping through the trees back and forth is like nothing else. You can (on certain sections) take a running start as fast as possible to make yourself ZIP! Zipping back and forth was a fantastic way to end the day; I defiantly recommend not skipping the zip lines!

 Okanagan Valley Summer Camps

Looking for more fun, Myra Canyon has it! For the children (aged 6-12), Myra Canyon offers a summer camp, where the children have access to the courses and take part in different adventure camp activities. For children of all ages, you can book a birthday party to enjoy the family-friendly park. And for the adults, ziplining Myra Canyon paired with Let's Go Wine Tours for some fun with their "zip and sip" program.

In conclusion, ziplining Myra Canyon Adventure Park is fun for the whole family. Whether you want to take part in the family-friendly course or challenge yourself and your friends at the seven advanced courses, partake in a wine tasting tour, zipline across the trees. Myra Canyon has the adventure for you!

Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Location (Map)

4429 June Springs Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4C8, Canada
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Megan Kopp on Friday, 16 July 2021 16:31

Looks like a ton of fun; will have to check it out next time we're in Kelowna!

Looks like a ton of fun; will have to check it out next time we're in Kelowna!
Eh Canada Travel on Friday, 16 July 2021 18:54

So you glad you posted this one.

So you glad you posted this one.
Eh Canada Travel on Friday, 16 July 2021 20:08

Absolutely great adventure sharing with Miss Tourism World Canada. So it is true. Samantha Sewell can fly.

Absolutely great adventure sharing with Miss Tourism World Canada. So it is true. Samantha Sewell can fly.
Janel Coe on Monday, 19 July 2021 01:25

Oh my goodness Samantha you're brave haha...that looks like so much fun.

Oh my goodness Samantha you're brave haha...that looks like so much fun.
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