What You Do Not Know About Canada Ski Resorts?

We love snowboarding and skiing! It is the passion of ehCanadaTravel.com in the winter. We look forward to featuring more ski resorts, more of the time – take more videos, photos and blast them out to the world drawing in more skiers and snowboarders to our country. This video is our way of saying thank you and here we come.

Are you an avid skier or snowboarder? If you are then you probably know everything there is to know about your local ski hill. You know how many runs there are. You know when the hill opens. You know the best tree runs. You know when the last run is. You know the blacks and blues by heart. And I am not talking bumps and bruises here. No , I am talking ski runs. Heck, you probably know most of the ski hill staff (or Lifties as we call them). We bet you are a walking manual for your local ski hill. But do you know your ski resort industry in Canada?

How big is skiing and snowboarding in Canada? What about the politics of skiing and snowboarding? How many Canada ski resorts are there? How many people visit our country every year to go skiing and snowboarding? How many are Canadians? What Canada ski resorts are the most friendly and welcoming? All are good questions. Most questions we answer here and in our video.

In some communities the ski resort is the main economic engine of the community. They often may be the largest employer too. They may just be the business which puts the community on the map. We need our Canada ski resorts to do well. To do well they need management with good attitudes and people skills.

We have visited most of the major ski hills in Canada from Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, BC on the west coast of Canada to Brookvale Ski Hill on Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada… and many in between. Some we visited in the summer, many in the winter, some in both seasons. Recorded lots of video. Took many photos. Wrote blogs about them. Created information pages about them. Most thanked us. Some support us and advertise with us. Some, not a peep. Oh well.

Luckily, we work with the rock stars of the ski resort community – the ones with a positive attitude, who treat people with respect, who have an open door policy and who give back to the community.

Soon we will have a national ski resort section on our website with maps, information, daily updates and specials. The good people mountains will be obvious then.

Enjoy the season. We will!


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