Canadian Snowmobiling Cool Not Cold

Snowmobiling, believe it or not, is a great adventure for sightseeing in Canada during the winter season.

Snowmobiling Born and Raised in Canada

Snowmobiling Born and Raised in Canada

There are over 362,000+ kilometres (225,000 miles) of groomed and marked snowmobile trails in North America. There are trails which access deep remote parts of the backcountry connecting with communities, parks and frozen far-reaching waterways.

In provinces like New Brunswick and territories like the Yukon one can snowmobile from end of the region to the other.

In provinces like Saskatchewan the remote 10,000 lakes to the north of the province are best accessed during the frozen winter season.

In the northern regions of provinces like Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and others the snowmobile is the preferred form of transportation to travel from community to community.

In many parts of the country the snowmobile is part of our history. It should be since we Canadians invented the snowmobile in 1922. Yes, it is true. In the early 1900s a young Joseph-Armand Bombardier combined an old Model T Ford with a horse sleigh to make the first ever snowmobile.

Snowmobiling adventures are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. One does not have to be fit as a fiddle to enjoy sledding in the winter backcountry. It helps but it is not necessary. What is necessary is a good understanding of snow conditions and identifying avalanche warning signals.

If you are beginning to see the fun in sledding and you have never been – do not worry – there are tours and guides located throughout the country. Tour companies provide the equipment, experience and knowledge of sledding in the backcountry.

If your snowmobile is at home while on vacation, no worries there also, there are rental outfitters in many snowmobile communities in Canada who can provide you a sled and trail maps but not the knowledge of the land. So plan accordingly.

For the competitive snowmobile enthusiast Canada has the best sledding races too! In fact… Canada is home to Cain’s Quest – Canada’s longest endurance snowmobile race measuring 3,300 kilometres through Labrador’s rugged wilderness making it the longest sled race of its kind in the world.

Canada Snowmobiling

Canada Snowmobiling

We all see the beautiful winter landscape photos on Twitter, Facebook or on our website. Imagine being part of those winter photos. Snowmobiling provides the means and know how of being front and centre in your next winter wilderness photo.

There are over 1.4 registered snowmobile enthusiasts in the USA and over 593,000 in Canada. It is a massive industry which receives little fan fare. Why? Because it is cold? Wrong attitude.

Snowmobiling receives little fan fare because marketing the adventure is lacking. Ski hills grab the spotlight in Canada but that does not mean sledding is less of an adventure.

In Canada the snowmobile industry generates 7 billion dollars and employs over 100,000 full time jobs. Many are beginning to understand the joys of a great snowmobile adventure. Have you?

This winter in Canada sign up for a snowmobile tour, rent a sled, go out into the winter backcountry with friends. And if you do, we guarantee you will be hooked.

You be left with no choice but to ask Santa for a snowmobile this year. The big question is, “have you been naughty or nice?”

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