Living and growing up on Vancouver Island I am very accustomed to a certain type of sound when looking out my front window.

While growing up at home there would be the sound of cars driving by the house. Some would putter along, some would go way too fast. There was a time when I would hear the sound of cows mooing in the fields behind my home. When the cows fell silent I would hear crickets and frogs trying to carry a tune.

How life has changed. Traveling the country is such an eye opener. Now we are in Ontario in the middle of winter and the sounds have changed once again. It is a different sound and a sound in which I hold allot of envy.

Now.. everyday, I hear the buzzing of ski doos ripping by my front window (main photo). You can hear them coming from far down the lake. The low buzz turns into high pitched screams as they get closer. In the winter the creeks and lakes in Ontario are highways. Our lake, Lake Nipissing, is a major ice highway in our area. Oh how I would like to go ski dooing.

Just like the paved highways there is a rush hour. Like clock work ski doo travel peaks on the weekends. Some of the see ski doos are buzzing back and forth from the corner store located at the end of the lake. Some are buzzing back and forth from their favorite fishing hole – most are located at the mouth of the inlet we are staying on. And then there are some who buzz back and forth at 2 AM after the pub closes.

Ski doos, frozen highways, ice fishing.. how life has changed. We are fortunate to be able to learn so much about Canada and how wonderful and beautiful it is in every season. The thrill of discovery is everywhere and every day. Life is grand.

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