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“The Lonely Hwy” – BC Road Trip Part 3

Between Valemount BC and Prince George BC

“We knew from our experience that when you are traveling a highway with little traffic your chances of spotting wildlife are drastically improved.”

The next leg of our BC Road Trip takes us to Valemount, BC and then to Prince George BC via the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16). The initial plan was to stay in Valemount and visit a golf course nearby. Unfortunately, on our arrival the whole region had no internet. Something to do with Telus. The news made our decision easy. Plan B. Onward and upward we go!

 Valmount BC Canada
Arriving in Valemount BC Canada

Plans Change – Welcome To The Yellowhead

Of hearing of the news, Colin and I, decided to extend our road trip sightseeing down Highway 16 from Valmount BC to Prince George BC. Along the way we would seek out a good campground or pull-out to hunker down for the night. It was a rick we were willing to take. The day was still young. It was a good plan as we both had never taken this highway before. A new adventure awaits!

Highway 16 Was All Ours

You would think a highway which connected Valmount to Prince George would be a busy highway. We did. Well, what we learned was that many who were driving to Valemount BC decide to take the Jasper Alberta turn off and not the one we were on. The mass exit to Jasper left little to no traffic for us. That was a good thing!

Highway 16 from Valemount to Prince George
Where is all the traffic man!

Dubbed The Lonely Highway

Highway 16 was a ghost town for traffic. Hence why we dubbed it “The Lonely Highway”. But for all the right reasons. We traveled for many kilometres and had no traffic in front of us or behind us tailgating. The highway was literally us and nature most of the way! It was an ideal sightseeing route, as we could travel at any speed we felt like and take in all of the scenery at its full value.

Wildlife Radar On Full Alert

We knew from our experience that when you are traveling a highway with little traffic your chances of spotting wildlife are drastically improved. The top wildlife sightings here in British Columbia, like moose and bear, tend to be smart enough to stay away from a busy highway. But highways with no traffic is generally a wildlife sighting gold mine!

Moose sighting on the Yellowhead Highway
Isn’t he just beautiful!


We were not disappointed either! Generally, my karma, keeps moose away. I do not know why, but me and moose never seem to connect. Colin is always bugging me about this. I have seen very little moose in my lifetime, only 1 moose until today. Today, along “The Lonely Highway” we spotted 2 males and 1 female moose. I was in heaven! It was absolutely electric! We even managed to get a photo of the best moose sighting before it scooted off into the bush.

Moose sighting on Highway 16
Moose sightings are worth another look.

Field Of Dreams

Along “The Lonely Highway” we stopped at another pull-out because there was a field of flowers spanning a rainbow of colors. The spectrum of colors caught the corner of our eye and drew us in. So we stopped for that “standing in a field of wild flowers” photo we all have in our collection. Do not worry we stepped carefully.

Flowers on Highway 16
Me and my rainbow of flowers.

Done Diner On Highway 16

Eventually, we arrived at a huge hidden pull-out by an abandoned diner called Dome Diner. At first I thought it said Done Diner and I was thinking how ironic. It turns out the pull-out was where we would stop for the day and enjoy some sunshine and have a meal. Before we knew it, it was lights out.

Dome Diner, Dome Creek BC
Dome Diner in Dome Creek BC?

Base Camp Canada

The next day would have to wait. Tomorrow we are planning to continue our BC Road Trip to Summit Lake and Vanderhoof, BC to take a day trip.

PS… plus we saw a waterfront cabin in the local newspaper for sale and we wanted to check it out.

Maple Leaf RV in Dome Creek BC
Maple Leaf RV in Dome Creek BC

Questions I have for you…

  1. What is the best wildlife sighting highway in Canada you have been on? Comment below.
  2. How many wildlife sightings have you seen in one day? Comment below.

Highway 16 – “The Lonely Highway”

It is a Canadian Thing.

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