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Official Launch: Saskatchewan Social Media Travel Centre & Website

Saskatchewan Tourism Social Media Travel Centre

Official Launch: Saskatchewan Social Media Travel Centre

We refer to it as the Facebook/Twitter of Saskatchewan Canada Travel but with a twist.

It is here! Social Media meets Saskatchewan Travel Website! We are proud to announce the launch of our Social Media Website Travel Centre! 

Social Media & Travel Website

Where Social Media & Travel Website Meet.

Yes, it is true, we have developed a social media travel centre so you (business, blog, photographer, local or traveler) can comment, like, share, participate and contribute travel stories, photos, videos, park information and so much more and… get this… it becomes part of the Saskatchewan website for all the world to use for their travel planning. You, along with us, will become part of creating Saskatchewan on our ehCanadaTravel.com website. Imagine your posts, photos, videos being part of  our Saskatchewan website for the world to see and you get the credit as the author on everything you submit! 

Social media features“Yes we, the people, will create a real Saskatchewan void of politics, bias and favoritism.”

Together, you and us, can participate in groups and conversations with other tourism businesses and with travelers. You can submit posts, photos, stories and provide reviews, make friends, join groups and share with others. We refer to it as the Facebook/Twitter of Saskatchewan Canada Travel but with a twist.

What is the twist you ask? The twist is that your contributions become part of the eh Saskatchewan website! You can establish yourself as a builder and expert of the province therefore exposing your business or blog to travelers coming to Saskatchewan plus… you get the credit, tagged as the author, for every entry posted on the website. That’s right! Every time you post a photo, event, travel story or add a new park, trail, historic site, beach, canoe route, lake, etc or review an already published park, trail, etc. it becomes part of the Saskatchewan website and you are credited.

What better way to promote your business or blog while showing off your expertise and knowledge. Locals and travelers without a business or blog to promote can contribute as well. Best yet, the top 3 contributors, the top 3 communities, the top 3 parks, etc. are posted on the front pages of communities and province. Awards are going to be given out. Badges earned. Smaller communities have just as good of a chance to become a top travel destinations as bigger communities based on contributions and participation. The most active communities, contributors, parks are promoted heavily throughout the site. No favorites. No bias.

“The more you contribute to the website with information, videos and photos the more you advertise yourself/business/website/blog throughout the community, province and – soon to be – country. You can literally advertise yourself, your website/blog, your knowledge, your expertise hundreds of times based on your contributions and participation. It is a system where YOU control the effectiveness of your marketing program.” Colin Girard (co founder).

Imagine what you know and what you love to do being a part of a national travel website. Imagine your articles, travel tips, adventure stories, photos, and events assisting tourist from around the world in making their travel plans. Well now you can!

“Why put the marketing of your business in the hands of someone else? Now you have full control of your marketing online when you are Member with us,” Greg Girard (co founder)

From this point forward it is not just us creating content on our ehCanadaTravel.com Saskatchewan website but you too. It is so simple. And get this…. travelers/locals with no website or blog to promote can sign up for FREE. For those of you who have a tourism business, travel website or a blog there is a Membership Sign Up Fee. No worries though it is not a huge ask. Memberships are for 1 year and start for as low as $49. Promoting Canada as a top travel destination takes your support. It is only fair when you work with us you support us too as we promote your product/services to grow your fan base, revenues and followers. Think of it as a small price to pay to support our efforts in promoting Canadian tourism. Thank you.

There are 4 ways to sign up for our Saskatchewan Travel Community. (sign up information) .

Once you are signed up you can build your profile complete with banner and avatar. Sign up now and start posting, writing and reviewing. The credit is there to be given to you!

  1. One can sign up as a tourism business with a website to share/promote. (PLUS you receive a Membership Tourism Listing in your community)
  2. One can sign up as a blogger with a blog to share/promote. (PLUS you are posted on our Travel Bloggers page)
  3. One can sign up as a photographer with a photo gallery to share/promote. (PLUS you are posted on our Travel Photographers page)
  4. One can sign up as a traveler/local for free and promote your Canadian stories/adventures/activities.

Once your Membership Profile is complete here are the tools available to you:

  1. Add a TRAVEL STORY. Share your road trip, vacation, adventure, activity. (go to form)
  3. Add an EVENT, FESTIVAL (go to form)
  4. Add a SPECIAL on room rates, products, services, prints and it is posted on the GOLDEN TICKET SPECIALS page (access from Membership Profile) (go to page)
  5. Add a PHOTO (access from Membership Profile) (Posted on front page of province and in a photo gallery, etc.)
  6. Add a Video (access from Membership Profile) (Posted on front page of province and in a video gallery, etc.)

Together we will educate the world about the real Saskatchewan as told by real people.

Start posting, interacting, reviewing and sharing today and become a TOP 3 Contributor for Canada.


ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest travel and adventure website for booking and planning travel in Western and Northern Canada. The “eh Team” of eh Canada Travel & Adventure are a group of travel explorers, called Tourism Ambassadors, who research and write articles, take photos, create videos researching the many opportunities in travel, tourism, history and adventure in Canada.

We are currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

Mention eh Canada Travel when staying with accommodations and exploring with adventure companies.

They need to hear it from you too.


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