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TOP 3 Hiking Trails – 2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards in Canada


2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards

Top 3 Hikes in Western / Northern Canada

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Hiking Trails

Western / Northern Canada’s Hiking Trails – Canada’s backcountry and Provincial and National Parks have some of the best day and backpacking trails in the world. The collection of hiking trails stretches from coast to coast to coast – ranging from easy-going to rough & rugged.

There are day hiking trails and backcountry trails which are well-developed, well maintained and very easy-going. But then again, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are hiking trails which are rough, rugged and extremely challenging.

The advantage for the Canadian and visiting hiker is that there are many trails to select from. Every explorer can pick a hike based on the ability of the group. This selection process is crucial. Always select a trail based on the weakest hiker in the group.

No matter the difficulty of a hike or the distance it is always a good move to be well prepared with the right clothing and equipment. Good boots or hiking shoes, water, hat, bug spray and layering your clothing are key items which will ensure a safe day out hiking. For a full list of items check out this list: https://www.ehcanadatravel.com/blog/2012/09/09/my-10-must-have-items-when-day-hiking-canada/

Trails vary in so many ways in Canada. Some are well-marked routes with signs, trail maps, route markers, outhouses, sightseeing benches, warming huts and campsites. Others are bare bone trails with no amenities what’s so ever. The latter trails should only be attempted by experienced hikers.

Together, our trail systems have attracted millions of travelers to our parks and backcountry areas every summer and winter. Some trails are multi use trails during the summer months and are shared by hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. The winter months attract snowshoeing, xc skiing and dog sledding to our trails. 

Below we have posted the TOP 3 MOST POPULAR TRAILS VISITED on our award winning ehCanadaTravel.com website and blog by OVER 2.1+ MILLION ONLINE TRAVELERS in 2013.

Below are the winners of our 2014 TRAVELER’S CHOICE AWARDS:

West Coast Trail (WCT)

West Coast Trail (WCT)

1travelers-best-award-1stWest Coast Trail (WCT)
Port Renfrew / Bamfield
BC, Canada

West Coast Trail (WCT) is a backpacking and wilderness camping adventure located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The 74 kilometre (47 mile) West Coast Trail is one of the most well recognized backpacking trails in Canada. The time planned to backpack the trail is 5-10 days. However. The south trailhead entrance is located near the community of Port Renfrew, BC and the north trailhead entrance is located near Bamfield, B.C. The WCT is a big part of the Pacific Rim National Park.(read more)

Views from Teapot Mountain

Views from Teapot Mountain

1travelers-best-award-2ndTeapot Mountain Trails
Prince George
BC, Canada

Teapot Mountain Trails is a short uphill hike leading to a summit with four viewpoints providing 360 degree views of the surrounding lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands. The mountain trail is located north of the community of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.The 1.4 kilometre hike explores one of two basalt volcanic plugs in the region. The columns of basalt are exposed and visible from the ground on the southern slopes of Teapot Mountain.The trail is deceiving because it seems like a short trek on a map but it is not for the light-hearted. The trail follows a rough grade, big elevation route and hikers should be in good physical condition. The hike is suitable for families but extreme care must be taken and good hiking boots worn. (read more)

Logger's Lake

Logger’s Lake

1travelers-best-award-3rdLoggers Lake Trail
BC, Canada
Loggers Lake Trail is located in Whistler, BC, Canada. The trail connects to a remote lake. The distance to the lake is not easy. The trail is a steep climb hiking over mainly loose rocks before connecting to Logger’s Lake. Logger’s Lake is considered a watershed, a small lake surrounded by trees and rock formations located in the Whistler Interpretive Forest. There is a trail on one side of the lake that follows the shores to a floating wooden dock. The lake seems so secluded, yet it is not far from the gravel road. probably a big reason why the lake is popular for swimming, fishing and picnicking. (read more)

Congratulations to this years most popular Hiking Trails in Western/Northern Canada
from the “eh Team Brothers” and the ehCanadaTravel.com.

vista2- small2ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest booking, planning and researching tourism and travel website for Western and Northern Canada currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada. The EH Team Brothers (Co Founders) also author the eh Canada Travel Blog which was recently awarded “A Top Canadian Blogger” by FlightNetwork.com.

2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards – Hiking Trails

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