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Vanderhoof, BC Travel & Adventure

Vanderhoof B.C., Canada is a recreation community in the heart of the Nechako Valley resting on the great shores of the mighty Nechako River in Northern BC, Canada. The region includes the upper Stuart area where Trumpeter swans winter and Fraser Lake which is called the “Swan Capital of the world”.

Vanderhoof, BC Photo GalleryThe community is located at the geographical centre of British Columbia, Canada, while the Nechako River in the community is located on the direct flight path of the "Pacific Flyway" which is a well documented route used by thousands of migrating birds. In Vanderhoof at the Nechako River Bird Sanctuary located north of town there are some bird viewing benches along the river and a large viewing platform in Riverside Park looking down onto the bird sanctuary.

One of the biggest attractions for visitors downtown is the Heritage Village on Hwy 16. The historic village is a step back in time to the 1920's. There is an assortment of heritage buildings, artifacts, farming equipment and a museum to view while exploring along a short wooden boardwalk trail and out on some grassy fields.

Because Vanderhoof is in the heart of BC, a remote and rugged country, there is plenty of wilderness to explore as well as wildlife to view. Many of the remote lake destinations are best accessed by hiking trails starting from these gravel roads.

The region around Vanderhoof, BC is also filled with some of the provinces great historical transportation and trading routes that over time have been converted to adventure trails. Some of the more popular historical trails exploring the remote forested lakes in the area include the Omineca and Telegraph Hiking Trails.

Some of the more popular activities in the region include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, sport fishing, off roading, birdwatching, canoeing and river kayaking during the summer months. In the winter the trails attract cross country skiers, snowmobilers and snowshoers to the region.

One of the best driving loop routes in the area connects Vanderhoof with Francois Lake and Burns Lake. There are many other loop routes to explore providing opportunities to view wildlife like moose, wolf, bears and coyote. Even the rare albino moose makes its home in the Vanderhoof region

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