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Maximizing Your Travel Content Marketing

Maximizing Your Travel Content Marketing

Creating 10+ posts/promotions/advertisements from 1 post

With our Travel Content Marketing and Interactive System we will show you how to create 10 or more posts/promotions/advertisements from 1 single piece of content. That’s right, from one piece of content you can publish it in over 10 different formats throughout our entire website. Make your content count and reach as many travelers and target markets as possible.

Not only can you create 10 different pieces of Travel Content Marketing from one post, you can save yourself oodles of time by sharing it on your social media channels without having to login to each one or recreate the content over and over again whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+ and others.

So, to summarize… our new tourism and travel content marketing and interactive tools creates multiple posts/promotions/advertisements and saves you time posting on your social media channels all from your Member Profile on ehCanadaTravel.com. Watch the video below to learn how to be very effective while you are creating content and posts with us.

Video: Creating 10+ Ads From 1 Post

Now all you have to do is log in and start posting your content to start creating a marketing campaign with some umph!

Link to More Training Videos and Help Text (Q&EH): https://www.ehcanadatravel.com/faq.html


The “eh Team” of ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) are the brother team of Greg and Colin Girard. Together they are the brains behind the ehCanadaTravel.com website which is the largest and fastest growing booking, planning and interactive tourism and travel website for Western and Northern Canada – currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.