How to Create, Edit & Manage Your Ad Listing:

“How to effectively create your Advertising Listing on the Website and make changes throughout the year.”

(Important: Please Watch Video)
How to Create, Edit & Manage Your Ad Listing

Watch the Training Video on ehTV (You Tube) :

The website allows you to create, edit and make changes to your advertising, anytime, throughout the year! You can add and change your photos, videos, short descriptions, long descriptions, contact information, social media links, newsletter links, map location, payment options and add specials throughout the year to our Travel Deals page which is posted on every major page on our website.

Your advertising is as good as you want to make it. With our online editor tool you can customize to your hearts content. The above video takes you through the system step by step, from creation, to editing to managing your ads.

To create and edit your advertising you must start with accessing the website and log in. To interact, to add content, to post status updates, photos, videos, etc you must always log in first. Lets get started! Click on the LOGIN BUTTON located on the top right hand corner of the page.

The Travel Community Page opens up. On the top tab of the page click on “My Profile” to access your Membership Profile. Your profile is your Control Centre for all interactions, editing and anything to do with your business. On your profile , on the top tab, click on “Add Your Business” and a data input form opens up on your screen.


Data Input Form for the Creation of your Advertising

Create Advertising

Create Advertising Membership Listing

Fill in all the fields and click “Save Entry”. Please watch the video for a step by step guide for creating, editing and updating your advertising… and how to add specials. 

A WORD of ADVICE:  Take advantage of the 15 content marketing tools available to you to increase your advertising footprint and expand your marketing reach across our website therefore reaching a larger international audience. Post photos, videos and create content on a regular basis! You have unlimited advertising potential with us based on your content submissions. Every content submission is featuring and linking to your business. Long gone are the days of 1 ad and waiting for results. With us there is no waiting, just doing.

Welcome to Our World of Tourism!

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How to Create Your Account (Membership Profile)

How to Create Free Content and Advertising

********* (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest travel and adventure website for booking, interacting and planning travel in Western and Northern Canada. The “eh Team” of eh Canada Travel & Adventure are a group of travel explorers, called Tourism Ambassadors, who research and write articles, take photos, create videos researching the many opportunities in travel, tourism, history and adventure in Canada.

We are currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

PLEASE mention eh Canada Travel during your travels.
Tourism Businesses sign up starting at $69 / year.  More Information


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