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Visiting and Understanding Canada for Yankees

Canada for Yankees

Visiting and Understanding Canada for Yankees

“Canada and the United States enjoy a bilateral relationship unique in the world. It is forged by shared geography, similar values, common interests, deep social connections and powerful multi-layered economic ties.” John Dorsey III (Author of Visiting and Understanding Canada for Yankees)

Canada for Yankees Book Review

Canada for Yankees Book Review

We were asked by the author to read and review his book, “Visiting and Understanding Canada for Yankees”. At first, I was not sure what to expect? Was it about trash talking the “Canadian North”? Canada can sometimes be the brunt of jokes told by Americans who do not understand us. Or.. was this book going to discuss the powerful and brotherly relationship between our two countries. I was hoping for the latter.

Like all brotherly relationships there is love and there are fights. Believe me I know I have a brother. I live with him. I work with him. We explore together. We are a 24/7 tourism team. We are very close just like Canada and the USA. But… no matter how loud the fights get between brothers I will always go to the wall for him. There is nothing wrong with disagreements and fights as long as the respect for each other is true north strong and free. Like my bond with my brother I feel, as does this book, there is also a strong bond between Canada and the USA.

As I flipped from page to page, chapter to chapter, I was impressed with the respect shown to Canada by the author. The information was pleasant, honest, educational and, on most parts, accurate thus providing insight to how we think, act, talk, see and view life in Canada – past, present and future.

Throughout the book there are constant comparisons of Canada with the USA – but never is the story of comparison told in a derogatory tone. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that neither country should come across better than the other – we are just different. And, it is OK to be different. Each country has a unique personality and that should be fine with the other.

Both countries are proud nations & there is plenty of room on the world stage for both countries to continue to be proud without putting the other down.

The book, “Visiting and Understanding Canada for Yankees”, starts off with our Canadian anthem. Not the anthem we hear at hockey games but the original Canadian anthem with verses I have not read in a long time. I am sure many Canadians do not even know we have an original version. The anthem is then followed by one of our all time unofficial anthems made popular by Molson Canadian beer- “The Rant by Joe Canadian”. I could not help but smile when I read it and to see it was included in the book was a nice touch. It is a Canadian classic.

There are many topics covered in this Canada for Yankees book. Much of it is written in point form and as lists which makes for easy reading. Below are some of the chapters I enjoyed reading the most.

The first main chapter discusses Canada’s contributions to the world and some of our most famous Canadians. Reading through this section reminded me of the many contributions we have made to society that goes far beyond maple syrup and beaver tails. Sometimes we let stereo types cloud our memories of all the good we have done as Canadians. For example Canadians invented the anti-gravity suit, basketball, baseball glove, C.P.R mannequin, electric wheelchair, film colorization, fog horn, pacemaker, kerosene, jetliner, insulin, instant reply, IMAX, zamboni, walkie talkie, undersea telegraph cable, television camera, and an all time favourite for every outdoor enthusiasts – duct tape.

The author of the Canada for Yankees book also talks about Canadian history. The book covers such topics as the discovery of Canada, Confederation, and even the War of 1812 with the Americans. In this book our history starts on the east coast of Canada with the settlement of the Vikings in 1000 A.D. The next few pages detail, step by step, our evolution as a country. It is a quick easy read. Every Canadian should read it.

There are many chapters in the Canada for Yankees book discussing topics like Canadian sports, entertainment, food, holidays and geography. But of all the chapters none interested me more than the “Things You May Notice” chapter. It was interesting to learn what people from the USA see when looking at Canadians. Some of the observations made me very proud to be a Canadian such as, (1) “Things just seem really clean”; (2) “They are not rule breakers and seem to respect authority”; (3) “They are nice and polite even when they do not have to be”; (4) They are very proud of their Healthcare system”; and lastly “Turn off your jadedness and arrogance and turn up your politeness; you’ll fit right in.”

John Dorsey III (the author of “Visiting and Understanding Canada for Yankees”) last line in the book reads, “We couldn’t have asked for a better neighbour.””

The last line in this post about our USA friends south of the border will read, “We couldn’t have asked for a better neighbour too.”

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