Remembering the Alaska Highway

We like to think website creation is like art. You take some pictures and some research text and put it all together, mix it up bit, and create a web page which is very visual and interactive.

Building a tourism and adventure website is like writing a book. And writing is enjoyable when you are passionate about your topic!

Finishing up the revamp of the Gulf Islands website felt good. It was an older website and needed a face lift. The internet changes so fast it is beneficial to update a website with updated looks, technology and features on a somewhat regular basis.

Last night I worked on the Alaska Highway section near Dawson Creek, BC in preparation for finishing the website build of the Yukon Territories website ( It was an opportunity to review the pictures of our adventure up north. The whole adventure came to life again.  We have to visit the Yukon again on our way back across Canada.

We were going to finish building the Yukon Territories website last summer but it got pushed back because of other priorities. But wait till you see it. The photo gallery will be top notch. Plus we have video we would like to add as well.

The Yukon Territories is a going to be gem. The yukon gave Bro and I some of the best wildlife sightings to date. There were Grizzlies, Black Bears (main picture), Moose and Wolves. They were up close and personal while driving, hiking and canoeing.

The yukon is an adventure that is the most rugged and at the same time extremely beautiful. It educated us into the history of Canada and entertained us with mountains, lakes and rivers.

So I am back on night shift and Bro is pounding on the keys during the day. He is doing some cool stuff with our EH Websites and with our clients websites. I will give you a sneak peek on the next blog entry.

Be well, Be Active,

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