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"This is not your usual travel site. have produced a wonderfully eclectic, occasionally quirky and always informative mix of Canadian treasures, from urban to wilderness. eh Canada will appeal to the dedicated outdoor enthusiast looking for a new challenge, as well as, the casual visitor wanting to enjoy the scenery, the food, the activity or the stay, on and off, the beaten path." Lou Guay
5 out of 5 STARS
"I found other websites were just listings, no help. Your site was great for accommodations and activities. Found info and photos very helpful. I sure hope your venture keeps growing it is so under rated." T. Vondrasek is .... 

... a booking and planning website for Canadian adventures and vacations 

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 A Little Taste Of Our History... 

Colin Girard started the ball rolling when he built a community website in Sidney BC Canada. Advertising clients, frustrated with government tourism association politics, encouraged the 2 brothers, Colin and Greg Girard (Greg joined in 2002), to expand. So they did, one community, one park, one trail, one lake, one historic site at a time, all the way across Canada. It was an 8 year research road trip. In 2017 the brothers arrived back on Vancouver Island where it all began.

Before embarking on their cross Canada road trip. the 2 brothers quit their jobs and sold all their belongings. From that day forward it was frugal living in tents and trailers. They lived on sausages cooked over an open bonfire, fish caught from our waters and plenty of noodles and (KD) Kraft dinner (a Canadian staple). From town, to park, to water to mountain tops they traveled and searched out what made Canada tourism tick - the good and the bad..

Today the brothers are populating the website with the help of some Canadian Travel Ambassadors. They are now working with community groups developing custom platforms for businesses and communities to market themselves (control and grow their brand) on the internet. 

As Greg puts it, "We are training communities to take back their tourism on search engines."

Because of their knowledge and experience the brothers are now public speaking and recruited as tourism consultants for Canadian communities. Contact us to learn more.


Brothers at  L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, Newfoundland












Meet the Girard Brothers ...

Colin Girard (website ninja / co founder)

Colin worked in the tourism industry slaying away for the big man most of his life. Today he is the lead computer programmer (website ninja) responsible for all website design and internet functionality. Colin is a computer wiz kid, but don't tell him that.

Colin loves Chinese food, peanuts, bananas but is not a big fan of sugar and rude people.

Colin’s favorite outdoor hobbies and interests include hiking, camping, fishing, golfing, snowboarding and road tripping.











Greg Girard (tourism whisperer / co founder)

Greg worked as an International Marketing Director in the software and publishing industries for many years. Today, he is the public speaker, tourism consultant and marketing lead for Greg is the voice of the operation, some would say mouth and he is OK with that too. 

Greg loves pasta, vegetables, grapes but is not a big fan of milk, seafood and materialistic people. Greg is a believer in quality over quantity. 

Greg’s favorite outdoor hobbies and interests include backpacking, hiking, hockey, photography, golfing, snowboarding and road tripping.











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What You Can Do For You...

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