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Alaska Highway – Dempster Highway Road Trip

Greg & Colin at Sign Post Forest

Alaska Highway – Dempster Highway Road Trip

September 2020 Arctic Circle Expedition Video Series

Greg and Colin Girard, the Brothers of Tourism, embark on a 5000+ kilometre return trip from Merritt BC to the Arctic Circle and back.

During Covid 19 travel protocols, there was a window of opportunity between the first and second waves for an Alaska Highway road trip.  Although limited in our travel options, we wanted social distancing done easily complimented by endless scenery. Our decision? We decided, based on our options available to us, was to go to the Yukon Territory for the Fall colors. Crossing our fingers we were hoping for Northern Lights too. However, it was early in the season for some Aurora Borealis sightings. 

Alaska Highway Road Trip

Based in British Columbia, Canada our travel options were limited to the Yukon or Alberta during Covid 19. Even more limiting was the desire for us to go to a place were there are no crowds. On our side, at the time,  was the fact we were traveling in low season. Another factor on our side, was that we were traveling in a self contained Maple Leaf RV. If it is not clear by now, “Bro” and I love road tripping. Therefore, based on our previous research of Canada, the decision to explore the Alaska Highway and Dempster Highway into the Yukon Territory was an easy decision. 

Arctic Circle Expedition Video Library

Our Yukon road trip traveling the Alaska Highway and Dempster Highway was all caught on video. Below we have documented our entire trip in 7 video episodes. With the 7th episode being the Arctic Circle. Firstly, we do hope you enjoy.  Lastly, we hope you pack up some wheels and do the Yukon road trip. It is all eye candy scenery and some spectacular wildlife sightings. Watch our video series and see for yourself. 

Alaska Highway 1

Alaska Highway Begins – Mile “0”

The Maple Leaf RV and the “Brothers of Tourism” depart Dawson Creek BC for Fort Nelson BC in their quest to reach the Arctic Circle. Travelling the Old Alaska Highway the Brothers visit the historic 1942 wooden curved Kiskatinaw Bridge. Rock Chips delay their departure in Dawson Creek, BC lending to some funny moments.

WATCH EPISODE 1 (3 minutes 33 seconds)

Alaska Highway 2

Alaska Highway’s Best Wildlife Sightseeing Corridor

Sightings include buffalo, bison, mountain sheep, caribou, bears and more. This episode explores 500+ kilometres of the Alaska Highway from Fort Nelson BC to Watson Lake Yukon Territory with the Brothers of Tourism, Greg and Colin Girard. Destinations include Muncho Lake Provincial Park, and Stone Mountain’s Summit Lake.

WATCH EPISODE 2 (4 minutes 15 seconds)

Watson Lake 3

Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

A very Canadian moment with the official sign raising of eh Canada Travel in the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada. One of the many stops along the way during their road trip to the Dempster Highway and the Arctic Circle.

WATCH EPISODE 3 (3 minutes 51 seconds)

Whitehorse 4

Whitehorse Yukon

The Brothers of Tourism continue their journey to the Arctic Circle in the Maple Leaf RV with a couple stops in Whitehorse Yukon. We go  mountain biking at Chadburn Lake, visiting the Yukon River Fish Ladder, hanging with the SS Klondike and some funny moments, in between. 

WATCH EPISODE 4 (3 minutes 38 seconds)

Dempster Highway 5

Mile “0” Dempster Highway

The first leg of our journey traveling along the historic Dempster Highway on our way to the Arctic Circle.  The episode starts at Mile “0” on the Dempster Highway and ends at the Elephant Rock Lookout.  

WATCH EPISODE 5 (4 minutes 37 seconds)

Dempster Highway 6

Dempster Sightseeing Scenery

The Brothers of Tourism share their Dempster Highway adventure called the Arctic Circle Expedition. Traveling in the Maple Leaf RV road tripping the 7 Mile Hill, and the Eagle Plain Plateau section of the Dempster Highway sightseeing some amazing Fall colours. Even had a visit by an Arctic Fox.

WATCH EPISODE 6 (4 minutes 29 seconds)

Arctic Circle 7

Arctic Circle and Back

After traveling over 2500 kilometres in the Maple Leaf RV the Brothers of Tourism arrive at the Arctic Circle. They enjoy the Autumn colours and they take in all the peaceful vibes which comes with isolation. 

WATCH EPISODE 7 (7 minutes 18 seconds)

Yukon Talk Show with the Brothers of Tourism

For all of you who are now planning your next adventure to the Yukon, then please feel free to watch our LIVE hit Canadian talk show called EH? Travel Talk Show (below). On our live show Colin and I talk about our epic 2 week road trip to the Yukon and the Arctic Circle. 

WATCH LIVE TALK SHOW (60 minutes 41 seconds)

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