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The 2, 6667 hectare Callaghan Lake Provincial Park is located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and is popular for activities like xc skiing, fishing and canoeing.
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Explore Cheakamus Lake near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and enjoy a day of kayaking, hiking, canoeing, fishing while camping. The easy grade, very well maintained hard earth trail leading to Cheakamus Lake is 3 km in length.
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Flank Trail in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada is one of the most beautiful scenic mountain bike rides in the Whistler Valley. The 45 km biking route is filled with ups and downs traveling along a hard-packed earthy single-track trail with wicked downhill sections, some switchbacks & some climbs
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Explore the Interpretive Forest in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada to enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, xc skiing and snowshoeing.
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The park is well known for its many activities, lakes, flowering meadows, camping opportunities and beautiful scenery. Garibaldi Provincial Park is best known for its 90+ kilometres of hiking and backpacking trails.
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Brandywine Falls in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada is the main attraction in the 150 hectare Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. One of the key factors to the popularity of this park destination is the ease of access to view the falls.
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Madelay Lake Trail located near Whistler, BC, Canada is a high elevation hiking trail exploring the alpine mountains surrounded by thick forests, waterfalls and wildlife. The single track trail follows along an earthy path navigating many switchbacks, side stepping over tree roots, deadfall tress...
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Lost Lake Trail near Whistler, BC, Canada is a very popular adventure destination close to the village of Whistler, BC, Canada accessible by xc country skiers, mountain bikers, hikers, joggers, roller bladders and sun worshippers.
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Loggers Lake Trail in Whistler, BC, Canada is one of the easier lakes to access by walking a short distance. However, the distance to the lake may be short but it does include a steep climb to access the lake.
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Rainbow Lake Trail is an uphill trail that travels through open grassy fields, over hanging wooden bridges and polished rock boulders. The trail provides all explorers with an opportunity to enjoy many fantastic mountain views, remote cascading waterfalls, rumbling creeks and glacier lakes.
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Rainbow Park is one of the more popular beach park destinations for families and couples in ,Whistler, BC, Canada, because the water is so shallow, clear and... because the park is so easy to access by car and bike.
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Riverside Trail in the Whistler Interpretive Forest in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada is really about two trails acting as one - The Riverside Interpretive Trail and the Lower Riverside Trail. Both trails combine to create a good hiking and mountain biking experience.
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Explore Showh Lake in Whistler, BC, Canada on Cougar Mountain is a popular destination for hiking, off roading, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and dog sledding.
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The pathway acts as a transportation link connecting various parts of the community together accessed by hikers, walkers, bikers, roller bladders, joggers, dog walkers, xc skiers and snowshoers.
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