Lost Lake Trail & Park
Located in: Whistler



Trail Length: 30 kilometre

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs
Mountain Biking

Lost Lake Trail near Whistler, BC, Canada is a very popular adventure destination close to the village of Whistler, BC, Canada accessible by xc country skiers, mountain bikers, hikers, joggers, roller bladders and sun worshippers. The popularity of the trail is understandable since the trail system is so well maintained and is really easy to access.

The 30 kilometre (18.4 mi.) Lost lake Loop Trail draws allot of attention in the winter seasons, mainly as a xc country skiing trail system created for all levels of ability. Some of the other xc country ski trails include Les' Leap, Vimy Ridge, Tin Pants, Hydro Hill and Poler's Road.

In the summer this Whistler, BC trail takes on a different personality and is better known for the large sandy beach, picnic areas, grass fields and the doggie beach. In the summer the paved and gravel trail in Lost Lake Park is heavily used by hikers, mountain bikers, joggers, roller bladders and dog walkers.

On the north side of the Lost Lake are the main swimming and picnicking areas with a beach and a doggie park. The sandy beach and grass fields are usually busy on a sunny day spotted with frisbees, sunbathers and umbrellas. The beachfront is sectioned off for swimming with a dock floating not far from off shore.

The hiking and biking trails are highlighted with interpretive signs about the local flora and fauna. The trail system is often used as a transportation link for walkers, skiers and bikers because it connects to the Valley Trail . Which is the main trail in Whistler, BC, Canada connecting one end of the community to the other.

Lost Lake Park has washrooms, picnic shelter, picnic tables and an automated concession stand.

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Lost Lake Trail & Park
British Columbia
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Located in: Whistler
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