Rainbow Lake Trail


Located in: Whistler

Trail Length: 9 kilometre

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

Rainbow Lake Trail near Whistler, BC, Canada is an uphill trail that travels through open grassy fields, over hanging wooden bridges and polished rock boulders. The trail provides all explorers with an opportunity to enjoy many fantastic mountain views, remote cascading waterfalls, rumbling creeks and glacier lakes.

The approximately 9 kilometre earthy trail involves high stepping some tree roots, hiking some steep sections and avoiding hungry mosquitoes. (wear repellent, especially near Rainbow Lake). The trail has an elevation gain of over 800 metres (2600 feet).

From Whistler, BC, Canada's Rainbow Lake there are some newer side trails that lead all explorers to other areas of interest in the area that are even more remote and pristine. The other hiking trails around the lake lead to Beverly Lake and the Gin & Tonic Lakes. The main trail continuing pass Rainbow Lake is the Madelay Lake Trail.

The Rainbow Lake Trail leads to the pristine, remote Rainbow Lake and then from Rainbow Lake the Madelay Lake Trail continues the journey to Madelay Lake. The Madelay - Rainbow Trail is a combination of the two trails equaling 16 kilometres of blissful wilderness hiking.

It is better to start hiking the entire trail from the Madelay Lake Trailhead as the elevation drops 1000 metres (3250 feet) to the Rainbow Trailhead. Going down is easier than going up.

Rainbow Lake provides good fishing for rainbow trout up to 30 cm (12 inches). Fishing in the lake is relatively good because the lake is so difficult to access. It is best to pack in a tube or belly-boat as there is little space for shore fishing.

Explore Rainbow Lake Trail near Whistler, BC, Canada


Rainbow Lake Trail
Alta Lake Road
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Located in: Whistler
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