Showh Lake


Trail Length: 4-6 km loop

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking

Showh Lake in Whistler, BC, Canada on Cougar Mountain is a popular destination for hiking, off roading, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and dogsledding. There are many trails in this area north of the village of Whistler, BC, Canada - many trails connecting to each other.

The Showh Lake Trail is just one of many trails mapped out exploring the forests of Cougar Mountain. Included in the trail network are the hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking routes following the Lower Cougar Trail, Lookout Loop and the Ancient Cedars Loop Trail.

Whistler's Showh Lake can be accessed from the lower and upper parking lots located 4 kilometres up the gravel Cougar Mountain Road. The lower parking lot is where the road splits. One way leading to the upper Showh Lakes parking lot. The other direction leads to Soo Valley. From here the rest is explored by foot, by bike or in a 4x4.

Entering the lower parking lot there are some blue directional signs, a wooden billboard with a trail map and the trailhead to Showh Lake, Cougar Lake and the Ancient Cedars Forest. It is the same trailhead for all three. The trailhead is heavily signed with Ancient Cedar Forest Trail information and directional signs.

The Showh Lake 4-6 kilometres loop trail starts off following the blue directional arrow signs pointing towards the Ancient Cedars Forest. The trail is actually called the Lower Cougar Trail. Eventually there is an opportunity to veer right on the trail continuing towards the Ancient Cedars Forest or veer left towards Cougar Lake. Go left and as you approach Cougar Lake the signs are well marked pointing you to Showh Lake. Return the same way or walk down the steep gravel road back to where you started.

From the lower parking lot... all adventurers who have good reliable 4x4 vehicles and know how to use them might want to consider continuing for another kilometre up some steep, narrow gravel roads to Showh Lake. The last kilometre to the upper parking area near the lake is mauled in ruts, loose rocks, possibly blocked by deadfall trees and is wide enough for one vehicle... so be smart.

What is nice about the Showh Lake trail system near Whistler, BC, Canada is the opportunity to explore the other trails in the area like the Ancient Cedars and Cougar Lake. This area is heavily used by xc skiers and snowmobiles in the winter and ATVs, 4x4s, mountain bikes and hikers in the summer so always keep your head up.

Ancient Cedars Trail

A single track 4 km (2.4 mi.) loop trail. It is a tree rooted multi-use trail that explores a forest of 1000 year old cedar trees located at the base of Cougar Mountain. It is an easy grade hiking and mountain bike route with an elevation gain of only 150 metres (488 feet).

Explore Showh Lake in the Ancient Cedars Forest in Whistler, BC, Canada


Showh Lake
Cougar Mountain Road

How To Get ToShowh Lake

Drive north from Whistler towards Pemberton on Hwy 99 (Sea to Sky Hwy) passing Green Lake on your right. On your left is Cougar Mountain Road (not well marked - so look for Cougar Mountain Adventure sign). Turn left up the well maintained gravel road and continue for 4 Km to the Showh Lake lower parking lot.
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