Loggers Lake Trail


Trail Length: 350 metres
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Loggers Lake Trail in Whistler, BC, Canada is one of the easier lakes to access by walking a short distance. However, the distance to the lake may be short but it does include a steep climb to access the lake. The trail involves some effort and consists of hiking over mainly loose rocks following a deactivated road for 350 metres.

Logger's Lake, considered a watershed by many, is located in the Whistler Interpretive Forest. It is a small lake surrounded by forests and rock formations. There is a trail on one side of the lake that follows the shores to a floating wooden dock. The lake is not far from the gravel access road hence why it is a popular destination for swimming, fishing and picnicking.

Mountain Bikers will be glad to hear that the Logger's Lake Trail also connects to some of the other biking trails in the Whistler Interpretive Forest like the Ridge Trail and the Riverside Trail. Some of the other area trails around Loggers Lake include the Crater Rim Trail, the Lava lookout, the Riparian, Amabilis Fir Spacing trails, Columnar and the Talus Slopes Trail.

Fishing in the lake comes courtesy of the local fishing associations. On a regular basis the local fishing groups keep the lake stocked with rainbow trout. This Whistler, BC, Canada lake is a popular destination for anglers accompanied by a belly-boat.

Loggers Lake is a geological wonder. The lake rests in a volcanic cone that burst through the earths crust 10,000 years ago. The columnar basalt formations on the slopes above the lake are a result of the lava cooling.

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Loggers Lake Trail
Cheakamus Lake Road

How To Get ToLoggers Lake Trail

From Hwy 99 turn onto the Cheakamus Lake Road. From here travel another 2.2 Km to the Loggers Lake pull out parking lot. It is easily identified by the large wooden billboard sign with a Logger's Lake Area Trail map posted on it. A small blue Riverside Trail sign is nailed to the billboard.
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