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Squamish BC Travel, Tourism, Adventure

Located just south of Whistler Village, offering a unique lifestyle of its own, is the small community of Squamish surrounded by big adventures and entertained by endless wilderness attractions.

Downtown Squamish, BC, Canada

The Squamish Village rests on the cusp of Howe Sound, where the Squamish River meets the ocean. When traveling along Hwy 99 towards the community there is a large, towering waterfall crashing to the ground, making a splash, called Shannon Falls. Just down the road from the falls is a polished granite mountain called The Chief. On the backside of the village is an estaury home to many birds and trails.

Squamish Village is an adventure community attracting many outdoor enthusiasts to the area especially individuals who enjoy a good day exploring while rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, wind surfing, birdwatching, kite surfing or boating.

The mountains and valleys are a top destination for rock climbing, mountain biking and for kite surfing. The Smoke Bluffs and the Stawamus Chief are the major destinations attracting rock climbers and mountaineers. The high velocity winds kicking up waves in The Spit create the ideal conditions for world class kite and wind surfing conditions.

The massive network of mountain biking trails in the region extends through the valley. It is not uncommon to find one trail bumping into another trail system on some of the long haul rides. One of the more popular biking areas is near Garibaldi Highlands.

Some biking trails are hiking trails, but some trails are set aside just for hikers like the Four Lakes Trail. One of the easier walking trails in the area that leads to 4 beautiful lakes. Alice lake - 1 of the 4 lakes - is the main beach destination.

The Village of Squamish is centred around Cleveland Avenue. The main street and a few others are lined with retail shops, coffee shops, bistros, restaurants, art galleries and gift shops. The community, whether it is in the village or just north of the town, also offers all the main amenities necessary for travelers to keep fueling their trip like banks, gas stations, grocery stores, internet, laundry and medical services.

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