Garibaldi Highlands Trails

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Difficulty: Moderate
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Mountain Biking

The Garibaldi Highlands Trail is a popular trail system in the Squamish, BC, Canada region for mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts. The trail is mostly described by most as a mountain biking trail area. The extensive trail system follows along on a hard packed, loose rock, earthy trail exploring the Garibaldi Highlands area north of Squamish Village.

The trail system is ideal for all levels of mountain bikers, especially, beginners and intermediate mountain bike riders. The Garibaldi Highlands trail is a combination of deactivated roads and single track mountain biking trails. Experienced mountain bikers with a good knowledge of the Squamish area can continue biking deeper into the forest eventually connecting up to the Cat Lake, Alice Lake and Brohm Lake hiking and biking trails.

The mountain biking route is pretty straight forward although there are plenty of opportunities to veer off the main route and explore some of the side trails. Some of the side routes ride over rougher terrain and are more challenging but, then again, what is life without some challenges. Besides many of the side routes are loop trails leading back to the main trail.

Most of the trails are lined with trees, thick forest vegetation and deadfall trees. The trail system is a popular destination and all riders and hikers should keep there wits about them and watch for each other while enjoying the trails.

Explore the Garibaldi Highlands Trail in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada


Garibaldi Highlands Trails
Perch Road

How To Get ToGaribaldi Highlands Trails

The main access to the trailhead of the Garibaldi route is located at the end of Perch Road in the Garibaldi Highlands area north of Squamish, BC, Canada. The dead end street has a yellow gate and a brown post marking the beginning of the trail.

Another access point is in Alice Lake Provincial Park via one of the mountain biking trails there. From the Alice Lake Park parking lot ride to the "Jack's Pine" or the "Tracks from Hell" mountain biking trails. Once on either trail continue riding south as they eventually connect to the Garibaldi Highlands trail.
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