Alice Lake Provincial Park


Park Size: 397 hectare
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Squamish, BC - Alice Lake Park is an all-purpose park with four lakes, a river, hiking trails, mountain biking trails and a beach. The 397 hectare park centres around Alice Lake - the largest and most visited lake of four.

The Alice Lake area attracts many to the park because of the designated beach area with a pier, floating dock and a roped off swimming area on the lake. The lake also neighbours a campground and a well maintained day use area with picnic tables, picnic shelters, washrooms, an outdoor amphitheater and a playground area.

The Alice Lake beach area is surrounded by a large grassy field which is usually covered with blankets, families and sunbathers. The sandy beach area also connects to a short walking trail that circles Alice Lake and leads to another picnic area.

The Alice Lake Provincial Park is also a very popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers. Inside the park is the 6-8 Km Four Lakes Hiking Trail - depends on where you start. The trek follows an easy grade trail leading to Stump, Fawn, Edith and Alice Lake and the Cheekeye River.

Some of the trails are mountain bike accessible on the outskirts of the park. The main trail is mostly hiker-friendly only. Experienced mountain bikers with a good knowledge of the Squamish, BC, Canada area can continue biking deeper into the forest eventually connecting up to the Cat Lake, Brohm Lake and Garibaldi Highlands hiking and biking trails.

On the outskirts of the Four Lakes Trail is a good selection of single track and deactivated road mountain biking trails. Near Fawn Lake is the "Bob MacIntosh Memorial Trail" and "Alice Ridge Mountain Biking Trails". South of Edith Lake is the "Tracks from Hell Trails" and "Mike's Loop". From the Alice Lake parking lot mountain bikers can enjoy some thrills on the "Jack's Trail" and "Debecks Hill".

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Alice Lake Provincial Park
Hwy 99

How To Get ToAlice Lake Provincial Park

Travel north of Squamish, BC, Canada for 13 Km (7.9 miles) on Hwy 99. From the highway keep an eye out for the Alice Lake Provincial Park sign on your right hand side. At the sign turn right and follow the main park road to the Alice Lake parking lot and day use area.
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