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The Spit

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Detailed Description: Tucked away behind the Village of Squamish, BC, Canada, at the end of a gravel road, is an area fondly referred to as The Spit. It is a long peninsula at the mouth of the Squamish River set aside for adventure enthusiasts like wind surfers and kite boarders. The region is considered one of the best destinations for wind sports in Canada.

To the Coast Salish First Nation people, Squamish means "Mother of Wind". It is a well suited name especially after spending some time out on the Spit. The powerful winds are created by the cool and warm air currents coming down Howe Sound through a mountain valley.

These looming mountains create a wind tunnel which in turn increases the wind speed. As a result the wind currents funnel down the valley bouncing off mountain crags directing the winds inward creating excellent conditions for kiteboarders and windsurfers.

Because of the growth of the sport and the ever increasing media visibility, The Spit has undergone some upgrades over the years providing better facilities for the guides and enthusiasts when exploring the breakwater. The wind sport adventure companies in the region provide equipment, lessons and guides for all levels of experience.

It is not uncommon to view wildlife while visiting The Spit because of the proximity to the Squamish Estuary. The area is a popular stop on many of the bird migratory routes. Some of the birds that are known to be seen in the air or skimming the waters near The Spit include Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures and Blue Herons.


The Spit
Dyke Road
Squamish ,


Located in: Squamish

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