Stamp Falls Provincial Park
Located in: Port Alberni


Port Alberni

Park Size: 327 hectares
Trail Length: 2 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs
Wildlife Watching

Stamp Falls Provincial Park

Stamp Falls Park is a waterfall educational park located near the community of Port Alberni, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada. The forested park is 327 hectares in size and home to a cascading waterfall and a popular Salmon spawning river. Popular for the salmon that is. 
Port Alberni
A short, well maintained 2 kilometre trail explores the banks of the Stamp River in the park. The walking path passes by fish ladders and fast moving rapids eventually leading to a waterfall and viewing area.

Some of the biggest crowds of the year visit the park during the spawning season. Many arrive in the park and line the banks of the river, to witness the annual salmon spawning cycle. The salmon also attract the bears and Bald Eagles if you are lucky. Bears arrive to feed on the dead fish in preparation for hibernation.  Bring a camera.  

The salmon meet at the foot of Stamp Falls before embarking on their journey up the fish ladders to their spawning beds. Starting in late August millions of Sockeye Salmon make their spawning runs up the Stamp.  It is the same journey the Coho and Chinook Salmon enjoy every year until early December.

There is a parking lot onsite, camping facility, picnic area, drinking water and pit bathrooms with no showers. There is no sani-station, electrical hook ups, boat launch or swimming in the area. All pets must be kept on leash.


Stamp Falls Provincial Park
Beaver Creek Road
Port Alberni
British Columbia
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Located in: Port Alberni
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