Port Alberni, BC, Canada is a marine community located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Port Alberni - Vancouver Island travel guide Click Here - Plan a trip to Port Alberni, Vancouver Island with the Canada EH Tourism Guide
Della Falls
Della Falls
Hiking park & trails Hiking park & trail
Mt. Arrowsmith
Mt. Arrowsmith
Hiking and wildlife park
Cruising in the inlet

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King of his castle King of his own domain

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Welcome Sign
Welcome to Port Alberni

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Mountain Biking EH
Mountain bikes ready to go Mountain bikes loaded up and ready to go

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Docks and marinas

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Tug Boat
Working the harbour Working in the harbour

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Great Central Lake

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Harbour Quay
Clock Tower Clock tower and water fountain

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Lookout Pier
Docks at Harbour Quay Docks down at the Harbour Quay

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Harbour Quay
Downtown waterfront stores Downtown Waterfront stores and shops

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Somass River
River views hiking River views when out exploring

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Great Central Lake
Knee deep trees Knee deep in trees

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Somass River
River exploring Exploring the shores of the river

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Boat Cruise
Alberni Inlet cruises Boating in the Alberni Inlet

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Commercial Boating
Coming back from work

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