Crest Creek Cragg

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Crest Creek Cragg is a rock climbing destination located east of the community of Gold River, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada. The local climbing communities maintain and review the climbing routes on a regular basis. Routes include some expert climbs for the daring and some easy routes for the beginner.

Gold RiverThe Crest Creek climbing area is located near Crest Lake and Crest Creek on Hwy 28 (Gold River Hwy) on the outskirts of Strathcona Park. There are 19 crags to climb on. The Black Crag, The Projects, King's Throne, Hwy 28 Boulder, Cougar Rock, Crow's Nest, The Attic, The Dune, Pipeline Bluff, Sluice Wall, Joint Wall, Narcissus Wall and Skid Row are just some of the crags in the area for climbing.

To access the climbing routes one takes a gravel road and a short hiking trail from the parking lot to the crags. There are over 100 different climbing routes. There are staging areas near the crags. Some of the trails are better maintained than others. Watch for exposed tree roots and loose rocks.

On site there are pit toilets, picnic tables and benches. There is a trail and crag identification map also located in the parking lot.


Crest Creek Cragg
Gold River


Located in: Gold River
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