Vancouver Island Scuba Diving

Vancouver Island, BC Scuba Diving Guide

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island, British Columbia is often featured in the scuba diving media as a top underwater diving destination! Jacques Cousteau, the famous underwater explorer, once said that the coast of British Columbia, Canada is the second best place to ocean dive on the globe.


Guided and self guided dive sites include some wonderful opportunities to view some west coast marine wildlife including Six Gill Sharks, Giant Pacific Octopus, Stellar and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Wolf Eels, whales, and porpoises. Rodale‚Äôs Scuba Diving Magazine gives British Columbia, Canada the thumbs up as one of the best dive destinations in the world! Come and see for yourself.

Vancouver Island Scuba Diving Facts & Tips

  1. There are guided dive shops providing tours, rentals and advice located on Vancouver Island.
  2. Underwater conditions for scuba diving varies per season. Summer temperatures can reach 60F with 40Fs below 35 feet. Winter temps average in the mid -40F.
  3. Neoprene or shell-style drysuit is recommended.
  4. There are artificial reefs located around Vancouver Island including decommissioned underwater ships and planes.
  5. Scuba diving water visibility is best in the autumn and winter season.

Featured Vancouver Island Scuba Diving Destinations

Some of the prime boat dive scuba sites on Vancouver Island includes the Wreck of the SS Themis (Port Hardy), Wreck of the Robert Kerr (Chemainus), Race Rocks and Octopus Point (Victoria), the "Cape Breton" - a 120 metre naval vessel (Snake Island) and the "Saskatchewan" - a 110 metre navy ship (Nanaimo).

High current scuba diving destinations include Dodd Narrows, Gabriola Passage, and Porlier Pass.

Explore Scuba Diving Routes on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

To plan and research your next dive with a Vancouver Island scuba diving tour company please visit any of our communities on this website. In each Vancouver Island community is an "Attraction" category which lists participating dive companies or for a quick find use our website search feature. Under the "Parks, Trails and Places" category in each community there are information pages detailing scuba diving destinations.

Explore Vancouver Island on your next scuba diving adventure.

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