Vancouver Island Birdwatching & BIrding

Vancouver Island, BC Adventure and Attraction Guide

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

 Vancouver Island Birdwatching provides outdoor birding enthusiasts an opportunity to discover our west coast bird population. The art of birding is growing in popularity throughout the world. Canada is no different. It is said, here in Canada, we have over 420+ bird species.


Highlights of Birding Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada attracts various types of year round bird species, as well as, migratory birds. The mild climate complimented by the abundance of lakes, marshes, bogs, estuaries, wetlands, rivers, ocean and parks designated for birding attracts many of our feathered friends to the region to rest, nest and feed.

Vancouver Island, BC Birdwatching Tips

  1. Do not venture off the trails for a birding photo as you will be disturbing a sensitive ecological area and it may be a nesting area as well.
  2. Birdwatchers say that the prime time for Vancouver Island birdwatching is in the spring and fall seasons.
  3. Leave a trip plan with a reliable individual before departing on any birdwatching adventure.

Featured Birding Adventures

Some of the most classic and saught after bird photos are available in Canada if you know where to go. Bald Eagle, Great Horned Owl and Red Tailed Hawk and some waterfowl birds like the Great Blue Heron, Loon and Sandpipers are just of the few birds found here in Canada.

Explore Birding on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

To plan and research your next Vancouver Island birding adventure please visit any of our communities on this website. In each Vancouver Island community is an "Attraction" category which lists participating bird outfitters and guides. Under the "Parks, Trails and Places" category their are information pages about various wetlands, marshes, lakes, bird sanctuaries and hiking trails popular for birdwatching in the region.

Some of the Vancouver Island Birdwatching sites include Botanical Beach Park, East Sooke Regional Park, Wild Pacific Trail, Esquimalt Lagoon, Cape Scott, Goldstream Park, Sidney Spit, Mitlenatch Island Provincial Park, Pacific Rim National Park, Strathcona Park, Parksville Community Park, and Stamp Falls.

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