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Backpacking on Vancouver Island provides all outdoor enthusiasts many different options. Vancouver Island is home to, both, short and easy going backpacking opportunities and long-haul, multi-day, extreme backpacking adventures. There are guided tours provided for many of the more popular backpacking trails. Tour groups often provide gear, tenting, food, entertainment and/or transportation to and from the trailhead. For the experienced backpacker the trail awaits and you will not be disappointed.


Highlights Backpacking Vancouver Island

The benefits of backpacking on Vancouver Island in Canada is the diverse geography throughout our backcountry wilderness areas and our BC Provincial and Regional Parks. When backpacking Vancouver Island one can explore ocean beaches, flowering meadows, rainforests, mountain peaks, islands, remote lakes and along the banks of rivers. 

Backpacking Tips

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings when hiking the back country. There are bears, wolves and cougars in our forests.
  2. Never try to bite off more than you can chew. Research well and backpack within your limits.
  3. Always prepare with good gear suitable for all types of weather as the weather changes fast on the coast.
  4. Leave a trip plan with a reliable individual before departing.

Featured Hiking and Backpacking Adventures

There are hundreds of backpacking and hiking trails on Vancouver Island , BC, Canada. Here are 3 backpacking park and trail adventures which we enjoyed; (1) Cape Scott Trail near Holberg, BC (2) West Coast Trail near Bamfield and Port Renfrew BC and the (3) Juan de Fuca Trail near Sooke, BC.

Explore Hiking and Backpacking on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

To plan and research your next Vancouver Island backpacking adventure please visit any of our communities on this website. In each Vancouver Island community is a "Parks, Trails and Places" category which lists any and all backpacking adventures in the region. 

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