Vancouver Island Off-roading

Vancouver Island Off-road, ATV, 4x4, Dirt Biking Guide

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island, British Columbia self-guided and guided off-road adventures including atvs, dirt bikes, jeeps or 4x4 trucks. There are endless kilometres of active and deactivated railway tracks, gravel roads, trails and mining roads leading into the deep backcountry on Vancouver Island, BC in British Columbia, Canada.


Vancouver Island Off-road Adventure Tips

  1. Tours provide a guide who knows the land and the best routes.
  2. Prepare! Research your route for floods, wash out bridges, logging operations, fallen trees, wind storms and weather forecasts.
  3. Make sure to leave no trace behind. Pack out what you pack in.
  4. Do not, and we mean do not, vary off the trails or roads and destroy the ecological sensitive areas in our backcountry.
  5. Always wear a helmet and do a safety check prior to leaving including gas, water, emergency kits and so forth.
  6. Be prepared for roads not matching your maps as they change frequently on Vancouver Island. Gates are erected. Signs are missing. Be ready for a back up plan.
  7. Leave a trip plan with someone you know with your departure and expected arrival date.

Featured Vancouver Island Off-road Destinations

Some of the prime off-roading adventure destinations on Vancouver Island includes Mount Prevost (Duncan), Nanaimo Lakes Road Area (Nanaimo), Horne Lake/Bowser (Port Alberni), Kennedy Lake (Tofino & Ucluelet), and the logging roads near Zeballos, Holberg, Lake Cowichan, Sooke and Campbell River.

Explore off-roads on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

To plan and research your adventure with a Vancouver Island off-road tour company please visit any of our communities on this website. In each Vancouver Island community is an "Attraction" category which lists participating off roading outfitters or for a quick find use our website search feature.

Under the "Parks, Trails and Places" category in each community there are information pages detailing trails and roads which permit off roading including ATV and dirt biking.

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