Marshall School Heritage Site
Van Anda, British Columbia, Canada

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Texada Island

Marshall School Heritage Site

Park Amenities:

The Marshall School Heritage Site is marked by a ceremonial cairn and dedication plaque. The monument marks the spot where a 1912 school house once stood.

The school house, at the time, was home to 11 or less students born to the local miners and farmers of Texada Island on the Sunshine Coast. The school house operated until 1923/24.
Marshall School Heritage Site, Texada Island, BC on the Sunshine Coast.

How To Get To: Marshall School Heritage Site

From the ferry head over to the Village of Van Anda. From the village head out towards Blubber Bay Road. Then take a right on Legion Road and then a lewft on Gillies Bay Road. Look for the cairn.


Gillies Bay Road Van Anda, British Columbia Canada

49.706129 -124.5072091

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