Simson Provincial Marine Park

Halfmoon Bay

Park Size: 461 hectare
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp

Simson Provincial Marine Park is located off the ocean shores of Halfmoon Bay, BC in the area of Secret Cove, both located off the lower section of the Sunshine Coast. The park has been protected since 1983, when the Calvert Simson family gave the parcel of land to the province of BC.

History is still evident with the old transportation logging roads, the family overgrown orchard and some rock foundations still standing from the pioneer days of the island. Simson Provincial Park is 461 hectare marine park in the Thormanby Islands. Accessed by water only, the preferred mode of transportation to the islands is a small boat, kayak or dingy (coming from a larger boat moored off the island farther out).

Most explorers arrive from the eastern side of South Thormanby Island by beach landing and then go from there. Visitors enjoy the hiking paths trekking up and down slight hills, in and out of coves, through forests, along coastlines and, exploring the views from Spyglass Hill on the northeast end of the island.

Kayakers like Simson Provincial Marine Park because of the atmosphere, privacy and perceived seclusion on the Thormanby Islands . The island has only three wilderness walk-in overnight campsites. A wilderness campsite means no amenities. The Sunshine Coast park is open all year based on the available access to the island due to weather.

As for larger boats mooring close to the island. It is said it can get pretty tight. And with poor protection from the seas and winds, it is better to find another area close by. You do need a small boat to get close to the island. The best access is navigating through Welcome Passage, north of the Lighthouse on Merry Island.

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Simson Provincial Marine Park
Halfmoon Bay

How To Get ToSimson Provincial Marine Park

Well, being a marine park, the access is by kayak, small boat or dingy. Take Hwy 101 to Halfmoon Bay and Secret Cove and launch from there to reach Thormanby Islands on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.
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