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Smugglers Cove Marine Park is accessed by both water and land. This Sunshine Coast park draws many boaters and sightseers every year to the protected cove. This park is ideal for hiking, swimming, kayaking and picnicking.
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The Homesite Creek Trail cuts through forests for 2 km ( 1.2 mi.) and leads to the Homesite Waterfall, some sinkholes and a group of limestone caves. The caves are self exploratory, so beware, as the floor of the caves can be slippery.
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The small waterfront park is a day use destination area that is a popular gathering place for visitors interested in enjoying a picnic, a game of horseshoes, a day out scuba diving, swimming, playing outdoor volleyball or to launch a boat.
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The 17 km ( 10.5 mi.) Lyon Lake Loop Trail is considered a difficult route which explores through forests with some elevation views. The route should take no longer than 2-3 hours to complete for the experienced biker.
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The island is not open to the public, but many boaters and kayakers stroll by the island to observe a working lighthouse.
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The 142 hectare Sargeant Bay Provincial Park was designated as a protected area because of the fragile coastline ecology of the area including the exposed marine life at low tide, the rocky headlands and the forested uplands area.
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Simson Provincial Park is 461 hectare marine park in the Thormanby Islands. Accessed by water only, the preferred mode of transportation to the islands is a small boat, kayak or dingy
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The hiking-only trail follows, mostly, along Colvin Creek through second growth Alder and Douglas Fir trees leading up to the views looking over Triangle Lake.
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Trout Lake loop trail is approximately 15 km (9.3 mi.) long. Although many discover Trout Lake for biking and off roading, there are hikers and horseback riders also on the trail route
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Suncoaster Bike Trail is a thrilling mountain bike ride covering 33 km (20 mi.) stretching from Homesite Creek, near Halfmoon Bay, and continues through the hills of the Caren Range down to Klein Lake near the village of Earls Cove.
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