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Iona Beach Regional Park one of the most unique sightseeing and activity parks in the Richmond, British Columbia, Canada region. The activities enjoyed in the park include birdwatching, hiking, biking, beachcombing, sightseeing, picnicking and star gazing.

The park is secluded and situated on Iona Island. Located south of the Iona Beach Regional Park is the Vancouver International Airport, the City of Richmond and the Sea Island Conservation Area.

The Iona Beach Regional Park is surrounded by many waterways. The northern coastline of the park follows the north arm of the Fraser River. The western coastline fronts the Strait of Georgia. The McDonald Slough protects the southern boundaries of the park. In the park there are the South and North Marshes.

The park is uniquely shaped by nature consisting of two large sand spits (jettys). The spits together have created over 20 kilometres (12 miles) of sandy coastline. The North Arm Jetty (spit) extends northwest out into the north arm of the Fraser River. The Iona Jetty (spit) extends southwest out into the Strait of Georgia.

There is a 4 kilometre walking trail and biking path, running side by side, which explores the coastline of the Iona Jetty before leading out to a viewpoint on the point of the spit. The trails are flat, level and easy going. The walking trail is gravel and the bike trail is paved.

There are viewing shelters located along the Iona Jetty trails and one great view point at the end of the spit. The Iona Jetty provides views of Mount Baker, the Coast Mountains, Vancouver Island and of planes coming and going from the Vancouver International Airport.

The second jetty - the North Arm Jetty - was original a barrier rockwall. Over time the strong winds and ocean currents have converted the jetty into a sand dune ecosystem and a driftwood log graveyard. The jetty does not have a pathway per say however people do walk the beach. Prepare for heavy winds.

Both jettys are far from lights during the nights. And on many occasions people venture out to the point on the Iona Jetty to star gaze. The Iona Regional Beach Park is a popular star gazing destination for scheduled gatherings by astrology clubs.

At the main entrance of the Iona Beach Regional Park there is a parking lot, washroom, information signs and a day use picnic area. Just behind the parking lot is a viewing platform overlooking the South Marsh. The washroom, the Iona Jetty Path, picnic area are all wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

The Iona Jetty, North Arm Jetty and the South Marsh are popular for birdwatching. Just outside the park, the McDonald Slough and the Sea Island Conservation Area, are two other birdwatching destinations. There are said to be over 200+ different species of birds including waterfowl, predator birds, marine birds and migrating birds.

Some of the bird species spotted in the Iona Beach Regional Park include the yellow-headed blackbird, white pelican, long-tailed jaeger, red-throated loon, red-necked grebe, great blue heron, snow goose, tundra swan, yellow warbler, cedar waxwing, northern flicker, bald eagle, red tailed hawk, golden eagle, sandhill crane, killdeer and burrowing owl.

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Iona Beach Regional Park
Ferguson Road

How To Get ToIona Beach Regional Park

The main entrance to Iona Beach Regional Park is located on Ferguson Road.

Travel towards the Vancouver International Airport from the City of Richmond. Once on Grant McConachie Way travel west to Templetone Street and turn north. Continue on Templetone Street and merge left onto Grauer Road which turns into Ferguson Road. Travel Ferguson to the entrance of the park.
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