Glenbrook Ravine Park

New Westminster

Park Size: 13 hectares
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking

Glenbrook Ravine Park is a garden park and walking, sightseeing destination. However... it is a hidden gem in the New Westminster, BC, Canada park system often going unnoticed, enjoying small crowds but very much appreciated by the locals.

The park is a green space park measuring over 13 hectares. The park is not developed with many amenities but it has grown naturally surrounded by groves of trees, flower gardens, a waterfall and pond. It is not a cement park but a green park.

Throughout the small park are a group of walking paths which lead deeper into the forest of trees. The paths cross over wooden bridges and are decorated with sightseeing benches. The trails are short, level and gravel and are suitable for all fitness levels.

Under the canopy of trees are low lying brush, ferns and dead fall branches. In the air one can enjoy songs sung by birds and the scratching of claws as squirrels climb up the nearby trees.

The park is popular for walking, both human and dogs. In the early morning hours the trails are often shared with joggers.

Explore Glenbrook Ravine Park in New Westminster, British Columbia, BC, Canada


Glenbrook Ravine Park
Jamieson Court
New Westminster

How To Get ToGlenbrook Ravine Park

The main entrance is located on Jamieson Court.

From the waterfront at Westminster Quay in New Westminster, BC travel east on Front Street. Front Street then turns into E. Columbia Street. Continue on E. Columbia Street east to Richmond Street and take a left. A short distance up Richmond Street take another left onto Jamieson Court which leads tot he park entrance.
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