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Guidance for Hotels to Plan & Respond to CO VID 19

CO VID 19 Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry in the CO VID 19 Era

Hotels, Motels in the Age of CO VID 19

“The hotel industry virtually crashed over the last 10 days. In a period of 48 hours last week, occupancy dropped by 50 per cent across the industry,” says Susie Grynol, CEO of the Hotel Association of Canada.

The tourism family in Canada during the CO VID crisis is taking a pounding! And we are a very large family. Like many families we can be dysfunctional at times. God knows I have been forthright in our battles with BC tourism associations. However, it is times like these, we all must bury the hatchet and move forward. We need to play nice at this time of crisis and come together and assist the front lines of tourism as best we can.  

Tourism is Smarter than CO VID 19

It hurts me to the core, to watch the dreams of some of our friends in the industry come tumbling down in a few short weeks. Colin and I have worked with some of our clients for over 10 years, and have never seen something like this cripple them this bad.  Hence, why it is more important than ever that we come together and share information, ideas and programs.

Some Communities require Accommodations as an Essential Service 

I have been reading and hearing from a lot of of our clients, customers and friends. Many are putting plans in place for this changing economy. Some hotels and motels are now being recruited across the country for CO VID for accommodating service workers, quarantine suites, or self isolation sites. In some cases the Government, like here in BC Canada, they will subsidize participating accommodations for participating in the recovery from CO VID 19.  Here is a link to a form, available here in British Columbia. 

Perception of CO VID 19 

Perception is EVERYTHING in tourism. It is important to re assure your guests they are safe while under your watch and see that you are not playing with their safety.

From what I am hearing and reading, first AND foremost, we in tourism must plan for the unexpected. The circumstances are changing fast. So put plans in place for the unexpected. What do you do, if someone is coughing a lot, or is hunkered in his room with a fever? Or you receive complaints from others about a guest not honoring physical distancing? What are you going to do when someone tries to enter your protective “bubble”?  Be prepared for all circumstances. People are watching. One “shaming” incident can be catastrophic to any tourism business during these trying Corona Virus times.

Preparing Your Accommodation for the CO VID Era

Below is a list we have compiled from our conversations with hotels, motels and accommodations during this CO VID Pandemic. What some are doing in preparation for life with CO VID.

  • On check in each guest is to sign a physical distancing and CO VID etiquette agreement.
  • Wash hands – This is a given and well publicized. 
  • Guest have a dedicated area on premises where they can drop off dirty towels and pick up clean towels; 
  • Self housekeeping. Each room has a self sanitizing and room cleaning kits – no house keeping services during CO VID pandemic;
  • Larger accommodations are providing masks for those employees who request one;
  • Some are setting up hand washing stations before entering building or office;
  • Wipe down phones, keyboards, mice, pens and counters on every shift change if 1 employee working desk. OR, when there is more than one, accommodations are delegating jobs so one person uses one set of tools only to do that job. Do not share phones, pens, mice, etc;
  • For any “essential service employees” staying at your accommodation provide wipes for drive to work and back to your accommodation;
  • Post CO VID rules in all rooms. Bold and forthright messages posted in rooms about your new sanitizing policies and rules for physical distancing.  
  • Some are keeping office doors closed and talking through the glass and exchanging items through mail slots.
  • Using colored tape on floors for directing traffic in their hallways, lobby and for establishing physical distancing in line ups.
  • Larger hotels are setting up plexi glass at front desks protecting staff.
  • Set up procedures with any suppliers that will be delivering to your accommodation. Do they stay in truck and you unload. If so wipe all handles and locks down on truck prior to handling.
  • Document everything, including all interactions with guests, during this CO VID crisis including time and date. Important in case of future potential fall out from the virus as everything is changing so fast.

Please feel free to send any other ideas you have so I can update this list. Please share, do your part in physical distancing. Please respect each other’s space. 

Canadian Travel Influencer post by : Greg Girard

eh canada travel - small and rural community consultant

Small Town Canada Community Consultant / Co Founder at eh Canada Travel

Greg Girard is a co founding brother of the award winning adventure and travel website and blog ehCanadaTravel.com. Greg is also a top ranked Canadian travel blogger who enjoys public speaking, and working with as many small and rural Canadian communities as possible. Greg is an avid outdoor enthusiasts and amateur photographer who enjoys backpacking, road trips, wilderness camping, snowboarding and what he calls hacking (what others would call golf).

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