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Moe’s Rentals – Shuswap Lake, Sicamous, BC

Moe's Rentals in Sicamous, BC

Shuswap Lake, Sicamous B.C. Moe’s Rentals

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” Their knowledge of the lake is exceptional. Their inventory is top notch. And the staff… well… we just cannot say enough good things about them.”

Moe's Rentals, Shuswap Lake, Sicamous, BC

Girard Brothers

Moe’s Rentals is located in Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada on the shores of beautiful Shuswap Lake. Moe’s operates the largest rental fleet in the region providing speed boats, specialty boats, pontoon boats and seadoos to those wishing to explore the 300+ square kilometre Shuswap Lake.  Moe’s is a go-to destination for all your Shuswap Lake boating and seadoo needs when sightseeing one of British Columbia’s most popular lakes.

We (my brother Colin and I) recently had the opportunity to get to know the staff at Moe’s Rentals during the filming of our Shuswap Lake and Moe’s Rentals “Star of Tourism” Feature Video. On our arrival Bruce and Scott and all the staff at Moe’s Rentals went out of their way to welcome us and make us feel comfortable. After some introductions, formalities and paperwork we loaded up our motorized golf cart with our gear and made our way down to Moe’s Marina on the shores of Shuswap Lake.

Moe's Rentals Marina

Moe’s Rental Marina and Dock

At the lake Moe operates a marina for gassing up boats, renting boating accessories and for launching their rental boats and seadoos.  Captain Colin (or Captain Crunch as some of us call him) was the main operator of the boat today so he went off to check out our vessel and to get some instructions. Me? I  snooped around the docks, took some video, asked some questions and planned our boating route around the lake. After all was said and done we boarded our boat and departed on our Shuswap Lake adventure.

The name “Shuswap” comes from the language of the Secwepemc First Nations people. The lake, itself, includes four distinct arms called Salmon Arm (southwest), Seymour Arm (north), Anstey Arm (northeast), and the Shuswap Arm or the main lake (west). From high above Shuswap Lake looks like a big letter “H”.

Moe's Rentals, Shuswap Lake, Sicamous, BC

Unnamed Waterfall

With each rental Moe provides you with a map of Shuswap Lake and all the highlights on the lake. On this occasion we had our sights set on exploring the Salmon and Seymour Arms and visiting the Unnamed Waterfall, Marble Point Indian Pictographs, Cottonwood Beach and the floating Sea Store.

The Unnamed Waterfall was a tricky find. We missed it on the way up Seymour Arm as it was hidden by the glare of the sun. We eventually found it on our return trip back from Encounter Point. We stopped at Cottonwood Beach for lunch, a quick dip and for stretching our legs. We visited the floating Sea Store in Cinnemousun Narrows where the four arms of the lake meet on Shuswap Lake. It includes a gas station, restaurant pub and a general store. The pictographs no such luck on this trip. We could not find them.

Moe's Rentals, Shuswap Lake, Sicamous, BC

Shark Shack

Most of the day was enjoyed exploring up and down the lake taking in the beautiful scenery. The boat provided by Moe’s Rentals was in premium condition. It looked sharp. It was spotless, fast and roared like a lion. (I would say “purrs like a kitten” but this was a beast of a boat). We played around with its speed and its maneuverability. It passed with flying colors.

When considering spending a day exploring Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada we would have no problem recommending Moe’s Rentals. Their knowledge of the lake is exceptional. Their inventory is top notch. And the staff… well… we just cannot say enough good things about them.

Moe's Rentals, Shuswap Lake, Sicamous, BC

Cottonwood Beach

When exploring the community of Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada make sure to say ehCanadaTravel.com sent you. And… if you are exploring Shuswap Lake with Moe’s Rentals… please say hi from Greg and Colin Girard.


Moe’s Rentals
810 Riverside Ave, Sicamous, BC V0E 2V1
Local: 1-250-836-4406
Toll Free: 1-877-836-4406
Website: www.moesrentals.ca

Member Profile and Bio: www.ehcanadatravel.com/travel-community/652-moe-s-rentals-marina/profile.html

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