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Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador Cary Horning

Cary Horning - Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador

Cary Horning – Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador

Introducing Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador Cary Horning

“As the Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador l will pledge to do my very best in bringing you a “boots on the ground” perspective of Saskatchewan as l share with you all the exciting places you can visit in this stunning province.”

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Hello ehCanadaTravel.com friends, readers, followers, fans, travelers, clients, partners and sponsors. My name is Cary Horning and I am your Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador for eh Canada Travel & Adventure. I am excited to have this opportunity to introduce myself to Canadians and to those soon to arrive in Saskatchewan and Canada from around the world to explore our wonderful lands.

Myself, well…  I too am excited to explore my passions while representing this amazing province like hiking, 4 wheeling, canoeing, fishing and camping under a bazillion stars. I look forward to making many new friends on my adventures. l do hope to run in to many of you while exploring on our lakes, rivers, trails or, just maybe, in one of our fabulous museums when you are visiting Saskatchewan, Canada.

Saskatchewan, also known as the Land of Living Skies, is a beautiful Canadian prairie province located between Manitoba (east), Alberta (west) and the Northwest Territories (north).  Some say Saskatchewan is flat? This is a narrow view of the province. Most people, who have actually spent some time exploring in Saskatchewan, do not.

“Saskatchewan is more than canola and flat lands. It is so much more than rumors have it. My suggestion? Get off the #1 Highway known as the Trans Canada Highway when exploring in the province. You see very little of the true Saskatchewan driving along on Highway #1.”

Once you escape the visual trappings of Hwy #1… a whole new world of Saskatchewan reveals itself to you. To the south you will find wonderful rolling hills and amazing adventures like horseback riding, hiking, fishing, birding, camping, zip lining and to the north there are Boreal Forests and 95,000+ beautiful lakes for canoeing, boating, kayaking, fishing and camping.  That is a simple explanation. The complex version requires a visit to Saskatchewan, Canada by you. The best way to start a Saskatchewan adventure is a visit us online at ehCanadaTravel.com .

Saskatchewan receives more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian province and territory. The sunsets in Saskatchewan are an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors entertaining an entire province of people.  Then there are the wildlife sightings – bird or mammal – which, along with the sunsets, will take your breath away.

Saskatchewan is also home to 69 species of fish and World Record catches. Make sure to pack your fishing rods,  camping gear and cameras. Come and try and beat the Alberta/NWT Tourism Ambassador’s biggest catch of a 22.8lb 43” Northern Pike! Be sure to bring your video camera. Your friends will want to see this!

Many travel Saskatchewan by road. The province is connected by over 250,000 km (160,000 mi) of roads. The highest amount of road surface compared to any other Canadian province! These same roads connect to our community, regional, provincial and national parks. It would be silly to come to Saskatchewan and not make time to explore a park or two while enjoying an adventure. Do l hear Road Trip anyone?

Not the outdoor type? No problem. We can assist you there as well. Saskatchewan is home to many 1st class accommodations from world class resorts to hotels to lodges to hostels to vacation homes to quaint B&B’s.

I really have so much more to tell you too about our campgrounds, fly-In lodges, ghost towns, tours, guides, outfitters, attractions, historical museums, art galleries and wonderful places to shop & dine.

“As Saskatchewan’s Tourism Ambassador l will pledge to do my very best in bringing you a “boots on the ground” perspective of Saskatchewan as l share with you all the exciting places you can visit in this stunning province.”

ehCanadaTravel.com enables global and local travelers and visitors to book, plan and research Saskatchewan like never before! Why book just an accommodation when you can plan and book a vacation? The days of booking just an accommodation are over. More and more travelers to Canada are planning every aspect of their vacations with us. Planning everything  prior to your adventure creates more time during your adventure to enjoy and explore spectacular Saskatchewan.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our Saskatchewan Contest on our website starting March 15th, 2015! You could WIN a 3 night “Play and Stay” Get-a-way to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Go To Contest

So until we chat again, l am off to research more Saskatchewan destinations and adventures.

Team Saskatchewan, signing out for now!


Cary Horning is the Saskatchewan Tourism Ambassador for ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure). Cary will share, research and write articles pertaining to the many opportunities in travel, tourism, history and adventure in Saskatchewan, Canada. ehCanadaTravel.com travel website, blog and social media is the largest and fastest growing booking, planning and researching tourism and travel network for Western and Northern Canada – currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

“Mention eh Canada Travel and Adventure in your travels. It is the Canadian thing to do.”

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