How To Create your Account (Membership Profile)

How To Create your Account (Membership Profile)

“Everything starts with building your Membership Profile Account page. It is the Control Centre for all you do on”

After you have signed up and received or created your User Name and Password for logging into our system the first order of business is to customize your Membership Profile Account page which will be the face of your business, blog, photography and yourself for all you do on our website.

Your Membership Profile Account Page includes 3 important features which require your attention. (1) Your Avatar (2) Your Cover Photo (3) Your “About Me” Page. Descriptions are posted below the video.

Video: How To Create / Customize Your Membership Profile Account

Watch the Video on ehTV (You Tube):

When you start with us your business comes with a generic Avatar and Cover Photo. This should be temporary and by no means should it be what represents your business. It is highly advisable to watch the video above on how to easily customize your Membership Profile Account.

The Avatar:  Your Avatar is the icon which represents your business for any and all your interactions with the website. When you post photos, videos, status updates, content, likes, shares, events, specials etc… your Avatar is posted along with it. (160 by 160 pixels minimum)

The Cover Photo: When travelers, other businesses click on any of your interactions and submissions they will be linked back to your Membership Profile hence the importance of a professional Cover Photo (1000 by 360 pixels).

About Me: Nothing tells your story better than the About Me screen. Travelers and businesses will be curious to know who you are, what you do, how you do it, when you are open and why you do it.

The above  video takes you on a step-by-step adventure on how to easily make your Membership Profile yours. Below are some other training videos to assist you in taking advantage of our Social Travel system.

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********* (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest travel and adventure website for booking, interacting and planning travel in Western and Northern Canada. The “eh Team” of eh Canada Travel & Adventure are a group of travel explorers, called Tourism Ambassadors, who research and write articles, take photos, create videos researching the many opportunities in travel, tourism, history and adventure in Canada.

We are currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada.

PLEASE mention eh Canada Travel during your travels.
Tourism Businesses sign up starting at $69 / year.  More Information


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