Canada Travel Tips Newsletter

December 27th, 2015 to  January 2nd, 2016

Travel Tips #1: PEI chef offers tips on stress-free holiday cooking
“You’re on the clock holiday cooks, but there’s no need to fear. Chef Jeff McCourt has you covered with tips to make cooking the holiday meal stress-free.” CBC 

Travel Tips #2:  Top 10: Tips for a safe holiday season on the roads
“With the holiday season upon us, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is providing Ontarians with some driving tips to ensure everyone gets home safely.” Northumberland View

Travel Tips #3: 6 marketing tips every business owner should know in 2016
“As technology speeds up, it seems like the rest of the world speeds up with it. You have to stay on your toes in 2016 as a business owner, so it’s always good to read up on tips and tricks for the business world. Marketing, for example, has always been an incredibly useful tool for business owners. As the years progress, marketing becomes more necessary to help a business full thrive. Here are a few helpful marketing tips that every business owner should know going into 2016.”  
IT World Canada

Travel Tips #4: Time Management Tips To Make The Most Of The Winter Solstice
“Winter solstice means saying goodbye to the sun earlier than ever on Monday across Canada. Every December, the shortest day and the longest night of the year come around and steal away the hours from you.” Huffington Post

Travel Tips #5: Pro snowboarder gives 5 tips for staying safe while on slope
“When Whistler-based professional snowboarder Robin Van Gyngoes out into the backcountry for a magazine or video shoot, she realizes she’s making backcountry snowboarding attractive for other adventure seekers.” CBC

Travel Tips #6: Tips for keeping it real this season
“Over-spending. Over-eating and over-drinking. Trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone. Party planning and visiting with relatives. All sources of stress as schedules become jam-packed and budgets are stretched through the holiday season.” CBC


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